Thursday, January 8, 2009

Baking Bonds

Previously on my Friendster blog, I've posted about different ideologies of different people which lead to one being labeled 'big spender' while the other being labeled 'old fashion'. I received honest and straight forward comments from two caring friends - Alex and Rosidah which made me realize I must learn to understand the misunderstood. So I joined her to bake pineapple cookie roll for Chinese New Year. Pineapple tarts and cookie rolls are a must haves for CNY. Usually its cheaper to buy them but of course the taste doesn't really appeal to all.

Cookies PastryBaking cookies is something I've rarely done since schooling days. So I think I'll classify my skills as an amateur. Despite being an inexperienced kitchen helper, it was good that I did not 'mess things up' and I've learned many things along the way.

Filling up Pineapple CookiesDuring my 5 hours with her and our neighbor friend, I've learn that the process of baking the cookie is standard - it is however, the recipe that makes the difference. We even had enough time to try baking using expensive butter, cheap butter and margarine. On the outside, all three batches of cookies have the same look, but when it comes to taste, it was unique. Both the expensive and cheap butter yields about the same taste with fragrance slightly differed. However the margarine gave a totally different texture to the cookie all together. I even suggested that in future, we should try mixing butter and margarine together and see what's the results.

Pineapple Cookies on a TrayBut in that 5 hours, the thing that I've learn most is to understand her better. How a brief history on her life lead to her current choice of living a simple life with little demands. However, her choice of simple left more often than not resulted to her being ignorant and unaware of the advance development outside her comfort zone. This makes her easily 'CONvinced' by certain parties about certain things - especially concerning food and health.

Baked Pineapple cookiesEven though there are many things in life we don't see eye to eye (she's pro-vegies while I'm pro-meat) and our opinions in things are more often than not opposite ends, at least we can share a common passion in baking cookies for the festive season...


  1. Looking delicious! Pineapple tarts are my husband's favorites. But like you I'm only an amateur helping others from time to time.

    I've also experienced that generation gaps may often lead to different ideologies. Keeping these diverse point of views in mind can avoid us from a lot of misunderstandings. It might not be easy, but is worth trying for.

    Btw, I joined the neighborhood :)

  2. Hello Rosidah,

    Welcome to the neighborhood!


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