Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cleo Mini Magazine

When I was at my regular news stand last week, I saw something intriguing. My favorite magazine had shrunk! I quickly bought one without even reading its contents. Before I went to the cash register to pay, I noticed that Cleo wasn't the only magazine that had shrunk it's magazine - there were others too; mostly foreign publications. As the picture shows, the mini version (measuring approx. 166mm x 218mm) is slightly smaller than the old version (measuring approx. 206mm x 275mm)

Anyway, with it's main article titled "Instant Sex appeal" I can gladly say this little magazine does instantly appeal to me. It is small enough to be fitted into my handbag so I can read it anytime and anywhere I want, instead of solely depending on my cellphone to entertain me. But with the words "Limited Edition Mini Cleo" printed on the upper right corner, I'm wondering if this will be their one and only publication of Mini Cleo or will there be more to come...

That aside, I've come to realized that in pass year being in Penang, I've been reading lesser that what I usually read while with my family in KL. My daily dosage of reading the papers had reduced to reading the online versions - the feel of reading paper print is never the same as online reading but with the Northern publications only half the size of Central KL publications, it's just not worth buying it. While my regular weekly book browsing at giant bookstores (like Kinokuniya, MPH, Popular) which usually leads to more buying of books and magazines; has shrunk to monthly or bi-monthly visits to smaller sized bookstores filled mostly with text books and revision books for school going children and leaving most of the time empty handed.

I think this is why Penang and KL are very much different, if I wanted to enjoy simple life in the rural areas, I have no choice but to forgo the modern stuffs of KL (including double story mega bookstores deeply rooted in the heart of KL). And if I want to stay in the fast lanes of life I can't relax as much as I'm relaxing right now...

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