Sunday, January 25, 2009

Form 6 - Revisited

Now that I'm back at my parents place in PJ for Chinese New Year Celebrations and a little free, I've decided to snoop around my brother's study. Armed with only a camera, I started taking pictures of his mess. Honestly, while rummaging through his papers and piles of books, it made me miss my own school days where I myself was a four eyed geek who had more books than clothes. One of the must haves on the table (or at least handy) is a dictionary. Be it a language or subject dictionary (i.e Biology, Physics), these books are a must which help me (back then and even now) with my vocabulary. One funny example I remembered was a story my friend wrote something about the protagonist who looked like he's suffered crenation for soaking too long in a bath... or something like that.
Dictionary with Movie Ticket as Bookmark
While looking through his homework, I came to realize that both my brothers have similar handwritings.
Chemistry EquationAnd of course, for any 6th Former who's in Biology class, this is also one of the must haves - dried pressed plants. Back in my school days, I was so good at this particular field that I can name most of the plants by just looking at it's leaves. Now? I can only remember a handful of plants which have significantly special shape or pattern.

Dried Press Leaves on News PaperHowever, I must say my brother's collection of school bags supersedes me. All this while, I've been associated as a crazy bag collector of various shapes, sizes, functionality and brands. It looks like it's time I pass this Bag Trophy Award to him!
School BagsStudies = exams = results. This is one equation that every student dreads. Everything we studied in school was for the sake of getting good grades during exams. Even though my brother here did not get a string of As (yet) it doesn't mean he's no good. It's just that Form 6 is one of the toughest pre-uni exams in the country (some say the world as it's harder than A Levels). But for him to have simple Bs and Cs would get him to university but not popular courses like medics.

Exam Results
And finally, among his clutter of things, there's thing wonderful little toy which inspires and motivates me to study smart and work hard - The Globe. With knowledge, one can travel the world!Small Globe - Malaysia


  1. This post definitely brought some school memories back... Especially those chemical equations, since I graduated in this particular field. I just hope I can still remember solving those problems when my children start getting their chemistry lessons. It will take a while and I'm afraid some of my knowledge have already evaporated ;p. Btw, cool bag collection, Kim Yoong!

  2. Haha... Yes, when we have left school for so long our memories are either oxidized or as you said - evaporated. According to Kim, he got those bags from a local wholesaler, so the prices are relatively cheaper than those in shops.

  3. Smart shopping, very impressive :)


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