Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My birthday at McDonalds

Last Saturday was my birthday and I asked my hubby to take me to McDonald's for dinner. Even though I could have picked other restaurants for a try but I still choose McDonald's as I was eager to try out the new double beef prosperity burger.

Beef Prosperity and Fillet-O-Fish Set Large
So I ordered a large beef prosperity set while my hubby took the fillet-o-fish set. The burger was LARGE with double beef patties in black pepper sauce and loads of Bombay onions. The set that I took cost almost RM20 (approx USD5.70) while in comparison my hubby's fillet-o-fish was only RM9 (approx USD2.50). For the price to pay for a set of prosperity burger, I can get two sets of fillet-o-fish. But since it was my birthday and that was WHAT I wanted to eat, I just went ahead with it.

Beef Prosperity Burger
While I was dining there, there were some staffs pumping up balloons for kids and I took the opportunity to grab one myself. I know I look too old to be carrying a balloon around, so I gave it to one cute little girl after taking this photo.

After dinner, we took a long walk around the shopping mall until closing time as I had over ate and was desperately in need of some form of exercise to help digest the beef burger in my stomach! And I dare say that will be the last time I will ever eat that double beef prosperity because the portion is just way too much for me. Next time, I'm sticking to Big Mac.


  1. Wow, I didn't know it was your birthday... Sorry, I missed it.

    Happy belated birthday may a lot of joy and prosperity come upon you :)!

  2. :D Thank you! :D

    You don't have to apologies. It's the thoughts that count :D


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