Wednesday, January 21, 2009


About two weeks ago I was complaining about reading less since shifting to Penang. So on Sunday's trip to the mall (read the Paddington Post) I included 'book hunting' as part of my 'things to do list'.

Some time last month when I was helping my neighbor fixing her laptop she recommended a few movies which she had downloaded over the Internet. I copied them into my hard drive but until now, I have yet to see the movie - instead I'm done reading the book which I bought just 3 days ago!
The story revolves around the life of 30 year old Holly who has just lost her husband of 7 years to cancer. Being a woman who was highly dependent on her husband, it was hard for her to let him go and continue life. However, her husband had wrote her a package before his death with a list of things she must do so she can continue life without him. So each month she will open one envelope for that particular month and do what's being told in the letter. And in each letter it signed P.S. I LOVE YOU
This book carries a simple message that reminds us to love the people we love as though there's no tomorrow, it explores the human emotions at a different level which made me in particular think "Oh NOOoooo... I AM highly dependent on MY HUSBAND also!!" In short, this book can be served as a reminder for those who have temporarily forgot the reason why they loved their spouse and married him/her in the first place...


  1. I got that DVD. but have yet to find time to watch it :P

  2. Cool then we can watch it together when I get back tomorrow. Anyway, better bring tissue ... i mean towel just in case. THAT BOOK MADE ME CRY!!!

  3. I haven't read the book yet, but already watched the movie on DVD. It's deeply touching, especially when you think about your own soulmate. Like seeing Notebook, I cried a lot...

  4. Well Rosidah, if you find watching the movie touching, then the book will move you. There are many emotions that can be expressed in writing but not through acting (^^,)

  5. Yes, there's usually too limited time for putting all details into a movie. It's not easy to transform the essence of a book and make it work on screen. Anyway, I think I'm gonna need a big towel when I start reading ;p


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