Monday, January 12, 2009

Rodent Pest - But it looks cute!

Over the pass few weeks our neighborhood had some new residence. These squeaky night fellows had been running about causing much stress and fear among its residence. Those who have deity alter suffers the worse fate as these intruders would help itself on a 'feast' meant for the Gods. Leaving behind missing fruits or half eaten steamed cakes. However those who do not have deity alter doesn't mean they are safe - the kitchen becomes the rodent's play ground.

Initially I thought of nothing as the sounds of the rodent on the attic was nothing more but squeaks and scratches. After placing some mothballs [naphthalene], the sounds seemed to have stopped for some time. However, recently these creatures seemed to be getting bolder. Just last night, while watching television we saw this little creature running about on our metal grill. Instead of getting a broom to smack that fellow, I took out my camera and started snapping instead. The flash from the camera doesn't seem to bother it as it tries to make it's way into the attic through the spaces between the roof tiles and the support beams. After a few pictures taken, that rodent took flight and ran into our neighbor's home!

Just last month when I was cleaning up my new home I did find a dead rodent carcass at one corner of our porch. But it was already dried up and what was left was nothing more but fur, it's long scaly tail and some wiggling maggots. I was so freaked out I emptied an entire bottle of Dettol (the biggest size - 750ml) and 'disinfect' the entire house! The floor, wall tiles, door knobs and windows were mercilessly wiped cleaned. While 3 packets of mothballs were scattered across the attic. My best guess it that carcass was left behind by someone's pet cat which had the pleasure of gutting that little creature. Even though there were some residence in the neighborhood whom had a few pet cats but most of them are so well fed by their owners only a handful are seriously active in catching rodents. According to some owners, their well fed cats just prefer lizards to rodents as lizards are easier prey.

I guess with my house still smelling of Dettol and the attic filled with naphthalene fumes, I guess these creatures will not be back for quite sometime (^^,)

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