Thursday, January 1, 2009

Starting all over AGAIN

This is actually my 3rd time I've shifted blog host. My first blog was in Xanga. During that time, Xanga was where my friends and I blog about school, other friends (yea... we do gossip ALOT) and basically everything under the sun.

Then there was Friendster. Unlike Xanga, Friendster blog was relatively new at that time and there were many new features unavailable in Xanga yet. At that time, I tried my best to maintain two blogs without actually realising that the people who are reading my Xanga and Friendster blogs are the SAME PEOPLE! So after a period of time, I decided to terminate my Xanga account. By the time I deleted that account, Xanga was upgraded!

Anyway, with the Xanga account deleted, I became a loyal Friendster user. My hubby (then-boyfriend) was a Blogger user and also has a Multiply account. During one of our conversations, he said that Blogger was better as you can make your own designs for a more personal taste (or professional look). So I tried Blogger. After using Blogger for almost a year now, I've decided to export my Friendster blog into Blogger. However due to different formats, I am forced to start this blog from scratch...


  1. Just doing you a favor by testing this comment box

  2. i've to start from scratch too T_T

    it's a shame to see 250 plus post 'stuck' in the old blog. and generating traffic into new blog will take lots of time and post.

  3. Yes... it's so sad. When I get back to my PC in I'll play around with the XML scripts and see what I can find (^^,)


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