Thursday, February 19, 2009

Aloe Beautiful!

Aloe Vera flower
Ever since Dan and I bought this house, the plants that were left behind the previous owner has never stopped to amaze us. This 'flower' is one of the latest "about-to-bloom" blooms that I've never seen before. Initially it started with the lily which bloomed for a couple of times but I didn't have the chance to get a good photo of it. Not too long after that we saw the bamboo flowered - which according to Chinese customs, a flowering bamboo is a good sign. By then it was the flowering season and most of the flowers in our garden was in full bloom. The pest infested hibiscus was flowering bright red flowers, and even the pathetic looking frangipani which we thought was dying was suddenly flowering pink flowers!

To me those were very much common flowering plants where I get to see them all the time. But this bloom which we discovered last night was something different. Even though I've been constantly watering this plant, I didn't notice this little stalk growing until last night when it stood out like a sore thumb! In many herbal / gardening books I've read, I knew there has been mention of this plant flowering. However, in my many years of having one grown in my house, I've never seen it flower. So I guess this was our lucky moment. Dan took out the camera and set it to macro-shot with flash, ISO-200 and shutter speed 1/30 sec. He then asked me to use my phone's camera light (it's a Sony Ericsson W810i) and shine it from the left side of the flower to get the camera to focus on the flower. Now to get the black background effect, place a piece of card board (or some fairly thick material) on the camera's flash to disperse the light. Then chi-chak! Done.


  1. Wow, amazing photo! I think Dan should have his own photo blog besides his mango. Thanks for the detailed information, I like to learn a lot about photography lately... This flower is such a beauty. I love, love,! Btw, my mobile is also a SE :).

  2. Hello Rosidah,

    Thanks for the compliments. I may consider having a photo blog IF I have the time.

  3. regarding the pest on the hibiscus, assuming that the pest are mealybugs and aphids try introducing ladybug on to that plant. ladybugs are natural predators of those pest. beats using pesticides, and its maintenance free.

  4. Aphids are those white little bugs right? Its them alright. But it's quite hard for me to catch lady bugs around here. Mostly I get stink bugs (kumbang busuk... when you squish them they let out some stinking smell)

    Btw bro, I've got problems commenting on your blog. Its the same problem I had with Rosidah's blog previously. When she changed to 'pop-up' style, I can comment already! :D

  5. Hi Dennis, reading your blog I can imagine that you are quite busy to maintain a photo blog. But I'm keeping up my hopes ;).

  6. I'm really glad that you can share your comments with me again, Waileng :D.

  7. Yes Rosidah,
    It does feel a frustrating when you wish to leave a comment, but unable to do so due to the codes on the blog.

  8. what i did was disable the security code, but limit comment options to registered bloggers only

  9. The odd thing is, after I type my comment, select Google Account from the drop box and I click send, the page gets refreshed. But I don't see my comment being displayed. Even when I click preview, the page still gets refreshed but the text box became blank.


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