Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blogger Cannot Import Wordpress Blogs

My first blog was on Xanga way back in the year 2002 which was where I learned basic HTML from Then when I was in University, I moved to Friendster and HTML has became a second language to me and I learned XML too. So now that I'm using Blogger, I wanted to export my Friendster blog (which was powered by Wordpress) to Blogger. When I started this Blogger Blog all I did was download the Friendster archive and tried uploading on Blogger which resulted to an error warning being displayed (I can't remember what the warning said). And when I asked my brother, he too had the same problem which this can only mean that the format between the Blogger and Wordpress are different.
So I downloaded my Blogger archive from another blog and made comparisons between those two. When I opened both files, my first reaction was "Oh Boy". The vast difference between the two was so huge, it wasn't possible for me to make instant edits. Generally speaking, the Blogger archive includes the blog posts and layout while Wordpress only carries the blog posts. The format tags for Blogger and Wordpress was also very different. To make this easy to understand, imagine that you have two keys (one called Blogger.xml and the other Wordpress.xml) which generally looks the same but the 'tooth' pattern are different. So if you try the Wordpress.xml (key) on the Blogger platform (lock) - or vice versa, it won't work cos the tooth patterns are not the same.
When I was in university, I've came across such possible problems between two libraries who carry digital archives in different formats and to come up with a converter. Theoratically, I came up with the algorithm but did not persue to make a conversion programme because I was short of time. Anyway, this problem was very similar to the Blogger-Wordpress problem. Perhaps in future when I have the time, I can work out a conversion programme - or someone on the World Wide Web will get it done before I do!
So in the mean time, us bloggers will have to do the manual way of "select all, copy and paste" or in computer terms, CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+V.


  1. kinda wasted that blogger cannot import wordpress. but it's possible for friendster/wordpress to import blogger xml file.

  2. Yup. It all boils down to how they wrote the program. Probably Wordpress is built with the ability to 'understand' xml files from Blogger...

  3. Yeah, it's a shame that we can't import these blogs to blogger. I actually felt sad to leave the old 'home'. That's why I still tend to upload some links from my new blog here.


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