Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Getting married - Is Tomorrow too soon?

NO! Not me. This post isn't about me. It's about a friend who's getting hitch soon. Last week, he came to our house and announce his intention to marry his girlfriend of 6 months. The date? Next month. My husband and I first thought they were in a hurry because he's made her pregnant. But he then explained that it was his mother that's being superstitious and next month is a good time to get married. Any time after that is deemed 'bad luck'. Even though he knew that it was way too soon, but he couldn't defy his mother's orders. From his face we knew he was slightly disappointed as he didn't expect us to be so shell shocked. The truth is, who wouldn't be shock by such news on such short notice?
With only 30 more days till their wedding date, my husband and his apprentice helped our friend to get ready for their big day. A week after the announcement, fatigue and pressure began to loom on our poor friend. We knew the obvious answer was money related - that was why we did not plan for an early wedding because we wanted take our time to save enough so the financial burden would not be so much of a problem to us when the time comes. To make matter's worse, the essential items that were needed are expensive as there are many others conducting their weddings this time around. Then there was the photo shoot which last night we met up with the bridal couple at a friend's bridal studio to help them choose a few gowns for the photo shoot this coming Sunday. When the bride was busy picking for gowns, I saw our friend beginning to loose the 'happy feeling' of getting married. His face began to look even more upset when we told him that the photo shoot this Sunday will take at least 5 hours. He quickly begged my husband to cancel whatever plans we have this Sunday and come to the studio to keep him company! Its a good thing this Sunday we have no plans yet, so we will be there at the bridal studio. At least I get a preview of how things will be when it's my turn.
Honestly speaking, weddings and marriages between two people should never be a stressful event. Nor should our lives be bound by such ridicules superstition which may cause more problems instead of providing solutions. Anyway, it's a blessing that both my parents and my husband's parents are not superstitious!


  1. I see many wedding occasions become very stressful because of these particular reasons. The moment of joy becomes something very dreadful. Like when we discussed angpao, some unwritten rules can be so cruel. You might want to ignore them, but have to be ready with the consequences. I hope that your friend's wedding will be a success despite all of this and even more important that his marriage will be full of joy and long lasting. It's a good thing that he has good friends to support him :).

  2. Well, imagine having a friend who is getting married in one month's time and he's calling your husband and your husband's apprentice on a daily basis. Definitely something is not right. But we are hoping for the best...


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