Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My life as a Blouse

Back in my primary school days, the Malay Language essay is one of the most boring subjects I had to endure. Usually the essay topics are life as an object - be it clothes, shoes (most common) or even stationary. Which to me was very lame because such topic would test your creative mind within the logical boundary of reality. But today, I've found a blouse with a story that probably is far different from the usual 'example essays' provided by the school teachers. Meet The Blouse.

The Blouse was manufactured in some garment factory in China. She was made 80% Rayon, 16% nylon and 4% polyester into a Japanese size 9. After being pieced together by the seamstress, the Blouse was folded and packed along with her sisters in a carton box and was ready to be shipped to Japan. Upon arrival at the port, she had to endure the regular inspection like all imported items before being driven to the shopping mall. The shipping box which carried The Blouse was sent to one particular store - ISETAN Shinjuku flagship store in the heart of Tokyo .
Isetan Shinjuku, Japan
The Blouse was picked up from the box and hung on the hanger as a test fitting garment together with a few other sisters of different sizes. The hanger only carried The Blouse and a few of her sisters while the rest was folded and neatly stacked on the selves. Above the hanger, there was a tag written 'New Arrival'. During her first month as a new arrival, life was very exiting. Very often she was picked from the hanger and taken for a test fit. She tried her best to make the wearer look pretty and each time she succeeded, one of her sister from the rack is being sold. And the best thing about being on the 'New Arrival' rack is that she felt exclusive. A huge spotlight shone on her and her sisters, giving them the 'posh' feel. The entire rack has no other designs but them.

However after a month, she was removed from the 'New Arrival' rack and place on a different rack sharing spaces with other 'old' models. From her new spot she could still see the 'New Arrival' rack and there now hangs a new design of clothing. Having to be placed with other clothes now, she felt less attractive. Even though her sisters are still with her, it's hard for her to get much attention as she used to. The chances of her being picked for fitting was little. Despite the current disadvantage, she still tries hard to please a would be buyer and help her sisters get an owner.
The Blouse - Isetan Tag
As days turn to weeks and weeks turned to months, the annual grand sales arrived. Many of her sisters were already sold leaving only a hand full of them, including The Blouse and her fitting sisters. The Blouse was given a new price label - the value was half of the first price tag she got during her arrival day. Even though she felt that her 'value' was slashed but her hopes of being own never dimmed. As a permanent fitting unit, she tried her best to please a would be buyer. Soon by the end of the sales all her sisters were sold except for her. Even her other fitting sisters were grabbed but somehow she was not wanted. When the sales was over, she was packed in a box again. This time those in the box with her were almost strangers to her - she knew that they were all from the same departmental store but none of them looked like her. She felt that those in this box were like the odds and ends of fabrics from the textile factory in China. Uncertain of her future, she sat quietly pondering on her fate...

As time went by, all those in the box became The Blouse's friends. And one fine day, her box was opened and a big bright light shone at them. They were poured out on a table for sorting. That was the last time she saw most of her friends. While lying on the table, waiting to be picked she could make out that she was in a factory. But the language the sorters were speaking was weird and she was confident that it was not Japanese due to her one year exposure in the land of the rising sun. Where ever she is, she knew she is going to be on the racks again.

True to her thoughts, she was back on the rack and a new price tag was pinned on her. To her horror the price tag was barely 2.5% of her on sale price tag in Isetan! And the thought of herself being valued at such a price was totally absurd! She was so upset and offended by her new tag she wanted to scream and cry, but only to know that the world will never hear her. While blinded by her own thoughts she was suddenly picked up from the rack. A young man pulled her from the rack and showed her to a young lady. He stretched The Blouse to twice her length and let go only to see The Blouse fall back into her original shape. He burst out laughing at The Blouse's ability and made the young lady smiled. The young lady flipped the tag on The Blouse and saw her Isetan price tag still hanging on her.

As they say, the rest was history. The Blouse finally had an owner. Even though she was bought at a price that would shock all her sisters (only if they knew), What will happen to her for the rest of her life span is another story yet to be told.

Note : The Blouse was originally priced at JPY10,290 (after tax) which is about MYR406 or USD110. During Sales, The Blouse was priced at JPY5,145 (after tax) which is about MYR203 or US55. But I bought The Blouse at MYR5 nett which is about JPY127 or USD1.30. Good bargain, huh?


  1. I've been waiting for this post... Does this mean you're available again ;)? I think these essay tasks are very interesting, although I can quite understand why back then we would not think so. The story of the blouse is also grabbing my attention. Of course, I think that you have got yourself a very good deal there. It's a 99% discount for good quality!

  2. Actually, I've a lot of post in my draft folder. Most of the pending post lack photos - either random photos from the Internet or some pictures I've took. Because I've realized that by adding a photo into each post, its more interesting to read. So once I've some spare time, try uploading them.

    Anyway, I'm glad you liked my 'The Blouse' story. In fact this idea was inspired by my husband when he was holding this blouse. He said "look, this blouse has even been to places we've never been before - it's made is China, 'rejected' in Japan and finally sold in Malaysia"

  3. Photos definitely make a post more interesting and eye-catching.

    Aha, that's what I call a full inspiring sentence. Hi, Dennis :)!

  4. Hayley,
    They have a branch in Kamunting Buss Station. It's on the second floor. Most of the clothes are worn. So to find a brand new item is like looking for a needle in a haystack with random luck. Good luck!


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