Sunday, February 1, 2009


Rosidah, meet Oddball.
My Dalmation - OddballAnd of course to everyone else who's reading this blog, this is my dog Oddball. She's a 7 year old Dalmatian with liver brown spots instead of the common black spots. She is quite photogenic, but to get a good clear picture of her is difficult. It's a good thing that today there's digital cameras so no film is wasted. Most of the time, I try to take multiple pictures of my dog in one single session. So when I load these pictures into my computer, I tend to get funny unexpected results.
For example, this "YES??" look
Oddball - YES??Now being a family pet has it's ups and downs. The good side - free manicure and pedicure. The bad side - you don't get to select the color you want for your nails! (Note : the nail polish is safe for the dog and that was done way back in 2006 CNY)
When Oddball is asleep, she looks real peaceful can sweet. And the unique thing about her is that she prefers to place her head higher than her body. Which makes this sleeping position a common site.
And there are times where the clicking sounds of the camera wakes her up, she just stare straight into the lenses.
Like Marley (from Marley and Me), Oddball too is afraid of thunder and lightning. So this is where she sits until the storm ends. A little corner of the stairs where she will sit quietly. But if the thunder gets louder, my bed becomes her castle. She will rush up stairs and hide under my bed and no amount of coaxing will ever get her out of there - unless of course the thunder stops.
Like every other dogs, she too gets her walk at least once a day.
Last but not least, every dog will have it's bad day - punishment. Any wrong doings will equate to a punishment of a spank on the butt and locked in the cage.


  1. Nice to meet you, Oddball.
    Those pics are adorable :). I see that she has a quite unique sleeping position, as if using a pillow. Btw, lately I've been thinking about a post on how eyes speak... and now, just look at her. Thanks Waileng.

  2. Looking back again at Oddball's pictures, I can see that she IS speaking in her own way! One dog with limited facial movements can still speak with her eyes. I wish I can take more pictures of her, but I'm here in Penang while she's still in KL. Or else I could have made a photo album of her alone and name the album "Oddball - Read my Eyes"

  3. True isn't it :)! That would be an interesting album...

  4. Yes, Princess PeiPei. Meet Oddball. But careful. Looks is deceiving. She may look friendly and innocent but in fact is a very private character - she doesn't fancy new faces. She won't bark, but she bites!


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