Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines - What's your idea of celebration?

Heart Shadow

So what if Today is Valentines day? It's still another working day for me. Before we closed for the day, Dennis friend drop by as he had to wait for his wife-to-be to finish conducting her tuition class. He then asked us what we got for each other for Valentines. We looked at each other and spontaneously we gave each other a quick smooch. He quickly turned away in embarrassment and turn back to ask where do we plan to have dinner. Simultaneously we answered - "home". I knew he felt quite awkward as he must have been cracking his head the entire day wondering where to bring his beloved for dinner and only to find that his good friend here is spending dinner at home with his family and his wife is not complaining one bit.

We explained to him our little policy of not spending money on Valentines Day. True as it's a day where people celebrate love, but why must we spend extra on this day just to show each other our love? Can't we celebrate our V Day on another day other than Feb 14? One stalk or rose on V Day is at least MYR1.00 (USD0.30) but when we were in Cameron Highlands in May last year 120 stalks of roses cost my hubby MYR20.00 (USD5.50) which is approximately MYR0.20 (that's about USD 0.05 cents) cents per stalk! Of course we didn't go all the way to Camerons just to buy flowers. We were there for holiday and decided to get some since it was very cheap. An average couple would spend at least MYR100 (USD30) on V Day which to us it would be an extra MYR100 that we can spend on our coming Phuket trip in September.

I know that everyone have their way of celebrating V Day. Some may find the perfect happiness by cuddling each other while watching WALL-E on a 32-in LCD TV, while others prefer to have a candle light dinner at some revolving restaurant in downtown KL (there's TWO revolving restaurants in KL you know). So Happy Valentines Day or as my brother puts it "Happy Economic Stimulus Day"!


  1. Every day should be a special occasion of love. It might be a great way to celebrate, but sometimes it's more about the 'little' things in daily life :)...

  2. Ah yes, after all it's the thoughts that counts (^^,)


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