Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Are you 30% or 70%? An 18sx question

Pie Chart - 30 Happy 70 Sad
Not too long ago, a local Chinese Daily (unfortunately I forgot which paper) reported that in a recent survey among women, 70% of their respondent is not satisfied with their male partners in the bedroom. My friend who was with us for lunch at that time asked me boldly "is your hubby satisfying you?" I took a sneak peek at the article in her hand and answered "no worries, I'm 30%". We both burst out laughing at each other for being on the same side of the pie chart. Subsequently my conversations with a few other close friends have one way or another touched on this survey topic and I've come to find that ALL those whom I've talked to about such survey happened to be the same side of the pie chart as I. Then I realized, if those friends of mine and I are all in the 30% then who else could ever be in the 70%?
I bought up this topic with my hubby only to find out that this survey is trying to tell those 70% unhappy women out there that happiness isn't just about "I love you, and you love me. I spread my legs, while you undress me"! It shows that these 70% lack the communication power compared to the 30%. My hubby then asked me why did I only ask some friends and not ALL the friends I know? Is it because these few friends that you've asked are known to be your honest friends and can speak about everything and anything under the sun without the slightest bit of embarrassment? After some thoughts, I've realized the common traits among us ladies in question - speaking the truth. We not only know and dare to speak the truth among us friends abut also to our spouses. We know how to express our thoughts and learn to understand one another. The key power to a better relationship - communication and understanding.
Perhaps I should ask my friends out there - are you 30% or 70%? If you are 30%, then congratulations and go celebrate. If you are 70%, it's time to have a little chat with your spouse and let him know what's on your mind...


  1. Thank you for the congrats ;)

  2. Congratulations to the both of you once again.


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