Sunday, May 3, 2009

Finding Past movies

Back in the early 80s, my family used to watch a British comedy series called "Mind Your Language". It was a show about a bunch of foreigners of various nationality learning English as a foreign language. The students are being stereotyped to their individual nationalities and their misunderstanding of English just tickles our funny bones. However, the show ended abruptly and with no Internet back then, we didn't know what happened to the show.
Recently, my friend downloaded the entire 3 seasons from the Internet and I've decided to watch the show once again! After watching the show, I went online to search and see what had happened to all the actors - which sadly the lead actor Berry Evans died at an early age of 53 in 1997. And while looking through the list of characters in the show, one of the actress (Su-Li the Chinese Communist in the show played by Lim Pik Sen) in the show is actually a Malaysian from Penang!
Oh well, I've linked the first episode from YouTube just for fun!


  1. Thank you for linking these YouTube videos. I was curious about this serie when I saw you became a fan of it on FB. Like always, I have to wait for a better connection until I can watch them ;). Have a great week, Waileng.

  2. Hello Rosidah!

    It's a nice show to watch if you take those racist jokes with a pinch of salt. After searching around for more information about the show, I've learnt that this show was cancelled after the third season because of certain parties being offended by the show.

  3. haha, i've watched the first season last week. now i'm planning for the second season marathon starting mid of this week.

  4. After finishing the 3rd season last week, I find that it's the first season thats the most interesting to watch! (^^,)
    The third season seems a little boring and I tend to skip scenes :-P

  5. i might need to copy the entire season from you. season 2 is incomplete in youtube

  6. Sure! No problem. The Internet is slow these days. How about I send them together with the absorbers after you bought your springs?


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