Friday, March 20, 2009

Flowering Cactus

The pass month has been the flowering season and almost every plant here in Nibong Tebal seems to be flowering. Even the 6 feet tall cactus right outside our door step is in full bloom. Like the Aloe Vera flower, the cactus is a night bloomer. So in the mornings we only see closed buds.
Cactus FlowerLast night, we waited patiently until around midnight when it was full bloom.
Cactus FlowerThe flower is quite amazing. It's lotus like flower opens without any smell. I'm not sure what kind of late night creature will pollinate the cactus flower (I was too tired to find out and my bed was more inviting than standing on a stool outside the house staring at flowers)
Cactus FlowerUnlike the previous Aloe Vera Picture, this time we took without an SE camera phone light shining. The camera is set on Macro mode and stood about one feet away from the plant and used the zoom function instead. The ISO is set to 80 and the focus point of the camera is small. When the focus point is small, it'll create the effect of sharp image on the focused object while everything behind the object is blurred. Just like the image below. The image below is set using a higher ISO (ISO200) because at night, high ISO image creates 'noise' or in lay-man's terms- fuzzy image.
Cactus Flower And since night image is harder to capture than day-light image, a steady pair of hands or tri-pod is highly recommended.


  1. Beautiful cactus flowers! I always like it when you describe so detailed what you do. It helps me in my own learning process. Now, how do you set the camera on Macro? I never have tried a Macro shot before. Thank you :).

  2. oh the flower...i miss the one in my backyard too...

  3. Rosidah : I'll blog about the macro settings in my next post cos it's going to be quite a long post.

    PeiPei : I bet you miss Blue also? Once you finish your LI, will you come back or will you be finding for a job there?


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