Monday, April 6, 2009

Living near the jungles

Sometimes I just can't help but feel amazed by mother nature. Every year, tourist from all over the world flock to Malaysia to enjoy nature. Tourists that tour Penang would sometimes take the opportunity to come to Nibong Tebal just to see colonies of fire flies along the banks of Kerian River (Kuala Selangor if you're in the state of Selangor). Of course those fire flies are really small and not really bright.
So yesterday night while I was doing house chores, a brightly lit little bug flew by. This species is rather different from the ones by the river. It's a lone ranger or sometimes (if lucky) you'll get to see a pair or more flying around. But never in hordes.
Fire Fly
I guess this fella got a little confused, or maybe lost it's sense of direction and flew head on against the wall. So I swept it up and place it in a dust pan for a little impromptu photo shoot. Those dust and dirt on it's body actually came from the dust pan. And just to take a shot at it's underbelly, we some how caught this 'FREEZE! Hands In the Air' pose.

Fire Fly Surrenders
Using night mode and setting the exposure time to 8 seconds, when clicked moved the camera around in a circular motion to create those multiple dots. So it may look like there's plenty of buys when in actual fact, its only one little fella flashing its butt at us!
Fire Fly at night mode
Note: I left the bug back in the garden after the photo shoot. So whether it flew away or got eaten by the household lizard, it is unknown...


  1. Whenever I see a new post of you in my blog list, I get very excited. I miss your frequent blogging posts. Thank you for your photography posts. They have helped me to get a better understanding. I have been wondering about the difference between shutter and aperture. Can you help me on this, too? I hope you read my post here. I want you to know that you and Alex are my first friends in the online world who made my heart smile ever since, and that means a lot to me :). Have a great week.

  2. Hello Rosidah,
    It's really nice to know that you enjoy reading my blog. Currently I've swap the keyboard and mouse with a broom and mop. But I'll still try my best to update my blog as often as possible.
    Shutter is like the 'gates' of a camera. It opens to allow light into the camera. The longer you keep the 'gates open' the longer the exposure of the object onto the film. For example, the last firefly image. The exposure time of 8 seconds means the shutter is opened (thus exposing the light onto the film or for a digital camera it's a semiconductor device that records light electronically)for 8 seconds before closing.
    Aperture is like how big you want your 'gate' to open. Wide or narrow aperture gives a different effect all together. In some cameras there is a setting known as 'aperture priority' which allows you to set the aperture to either wide or narrow.
    Aperture and shutter speed works hand in hand. These two elements gives us the different effects like producing sharp image of the object but the background is all blurred.

  3. Thank you for the explanation. That was very easy to understand. Have a great day, Waileng :).


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