Friday, April 24, 2009

Maxis 3G Broadband - Full signal but Slow Rate

Yesterday was a good connection day for me. Finally, the connection was good enough that I can visit all my favorite sites. However today is horrible. Count me lucky if I can actually upload this post. The image above shows my broadband connection which the signal is at it's maximum. However the transfer rate is very slow. At such rate, it's impossible to load facebook or those blogs with plenty of pictures. But since I can surf on BBC, I'll take the opportunity to read up on those previous news that are more often then not left out by our local news papers... For example this news on Wearing underwired bra saves life.


  1. The last sentence of the sergeant cracked me up ;). Have a great day, Waileng. Hope you get a better connection soon. Well, I'm hoping that for me as well. LOL

  2. It's no better on celcom either. I used to surf on my phone since it supports HSDPA but it crawls even for wap/mobile specific sites even at highest signal strength at BU11.

    so, sticking to old school wired connections is the better choice.

  3. Well, Dan is looking into Streamyx for our home and only use the broadband while in office. Cos it's just not worth getting streamyx for the factory.
    BTW FYI Dan just got a new Lenovo net book yesterday. Will blog about it once I get the pictures (^^,)

  4. why not worth getting streamyx for the factory?

    you can always leave the pc on during weekends and night time for extensive downloads ^_^

  5. Just because our company address has the words "Kawasan Perindustrian" they will automatically charge us business rates which is more expensive. So Dan says we'll get the streamyx for home use (thus cheaper and can also download stuffs when we are at work). While maintain the broadband in the office cos broadband signal in the office is better than at home.
    Plus the phone wiring in our new home is readily available. We just have to subscribe the package, plug in the modem and done. In the factory we need to fork out extra money to set up the phone lines since there is no phone lines here.

  6. didn't know that there are no phone lines at the factory


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