Tuesday, April 21, 2009


In August last year, my hubby decided to get me a 3G broadband so I can surf the Internet during working hours. As before we had the broadband, I used to complain that I am rather bored during working hours and having nothing much to work about (especially in the middle of the month). Anyway, before he got me the broadband, he asked around and compared between two companies that provided such service - Maxis and Celcom. Many people we knew were complaining about Celcom and how they restrict their users bandwidth despite subscribing to the unlimited package or the fact that their signal range is rather short making people living in the outskirts (ie Nibong Tebal, Jawi, Simpang Empat) are 'out of range'.
When we were at a Maxis center in Sunway (Penang Sunway, not Selangor Sunway) the staff there told us that there is no such restrictions for Maxis unlimited package users and the entire Penang (island and mainland) has 3G. Happily we registered for the package.
However things took a turn beginning this month. The line was becoming unstable or utterly slow (slower than slugs on the wall) and more often than not we got disconnected. What was even more annoying is that mostly happens when my hubby is in his mids of performing Internet banking transactions. And this week alone, going on to or even reading BBC News is something impossible. Annoyed, my hubby called the service center to complain about the problems only to be told that we had reached the bandwidth limit for the month. Stunted he asked about his previous months of 'no interruption' and suddenly there was a bandwidth limit despite us subscribing to the unlimited package. Moreover, before we subscribed for a line, the staff there claims that there is no limit. What really made my hubby angry was that the idiot on the other end of the line told us that the limit is 3Gigabyte per month which equates to about 100Megabyte per day! I was just wondering what on Earth can you do with 100MB per day?! It's not even enough for me to surf on BBC alone!
So now we are left with one option - wait for WiMAX to be available in our area. While Maxis so-called unlimited package should be redefined as Unlimited-Lies.


  1. This kind of situation is really annoying! I am in a similar situation like you. It seems that these providers don't limit customers, so that their bandwidth has become a very crowded area. I hope you will find a better alternative. I'm also looking for one here. Have a great week, Waileng :)

  2. u made a big mistake, actually celcom broadband is better..

    Maxis limit 3GB
    Celcom limit 5GB

    and also, Celcom 3G coverage is almost double maxis coverage. Sure got some people complain on Celcom broadband, but i tell u what, Maxis is worst than Celcom.

  3. Rosidah: Since I'm currently occupied with house chores, I can forgo going online. My hubby is still considering a few companies.

    Epool: Thank you for visiting my blog and dropping me a message. I guess the biggest mistake we made was not to read the fine prints. Anyway, just to let you know until now there still isn't Celcom 3G coverage in the area where I live - only Maxis



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