Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Lenovo Net Book

Meet Little Black (小黑). My hubby's new 'baby' - a Lenovo mini netbook. The Little White (小白) laptop that's sitting at the bottom is his old Mac iBook G4. Ever since our first holiday together to Sabah way back in 2007, he's been saying he wanted to get a smaller (and value for money) laptop which is convenient to take along while traveling. And when we were in Bali it was really difficult for him to surf from his hand phone (Nokia N82) since he decided not to bring the Little White along due to security reasons (the current value of a Mac Book is more than twice of a Lenovo mini net book).
The size of this little black book is smaller than a regular magazine. It's keyboard size is slightly smaller making typing a little inconvenient; so typing errors are common - unless of course I type with two fingers. Compared to some of our friend's laptop, this net book loads softwares very very quickly. At the moment we've only used this machine in the confines of our own home (been spending the entire Sunday at home) and even after 4 hours of continuous listening music (with USB powered speakers) it's battery still stands at 23% left. And one interesting feature in a Lenovo machine is the face recognition software which my hubby seems to enjoy playing around very much. However in dim lit areas recognition is difficult.
So I guess we will be able to stay connected during our Phuket holiday this coming Raya (^^,)

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  1. I love the size of these Netbooks. They are more easy to take on travels. The face recognition software sounds interesting! Have a great week, Waileng :)


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