Saturday, April 25, 2009

PC Fair - People Mountain People Sea


That is the only phrase I can think of when I saw the crowd on last Sunday's PC fair. The Chinese phrase actually means the place is packed or if read word for word it says "people mountain people sea".  It was so packed that I've decided to find myself a seat in the upper floors and wait for my dear hubby to make his purchases. Most items during fair period is reduced greatly while some remain somewhat unchanged. 
Initially the fair was created to create awareness among the public about technology and also to promote individual company's new products. However, as years gone by it's becoming more like a night market (pasar malam) where exhibitors scream and shout cheap price quotes for their products just to get a customer's attention. It's a good thing microphones and hailers are prohibited or else it would have been deafening. And if it's a good bargain, everyone will clog the exhibitor's booth and thus blocking the entire walkway making it almost impossible for others to pass by. Some paths are just so congested that it literally requires a muscle man to push his way through. 
When we left the place there was still a long queue of cars entering the compound while people from all walks of life make a bee line to enter the complex. This time it was rather obvious that it wasn't very successful as many people left the place empty handed. Business wise, I think it was too early for fair as for most local university students because April/May is the end of semester. New semester beings in July and it's the perfect time to catch freshmen who would most likely need a computer or even lap top. Anyway, at least it still attracts people.


  1. The phrase hits the nail on the top. I would have done the same like you. Too crowded areas tend to give me a headache, but I love to see some fairs ;p. Have a great weekend, Waileng.

  2. Hello Rosidah.
    When a place gets over crowded it becomes stuffy. Poor ventilation just makes it all worse and everyone ends up sweating. It's good that the organizers used this indoor stadium so people can sit and rest. Unlike in Kuala Lumpur where they use the convention centers and there isn't a single chair for visitors to rest.
    Happy weekend!


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