Wednesday, April 1, 2009

When the going gets tough

The though Eats Ice Cream!
Seriously. I really envy those who seems to enjoy their life like they have 48 hours a day while my 24 hours looks more like 12 hours. We have moved into our new nest some two months ago. And the cleaning seems never ending. Perhaps it's because I'm living in the jungle and more often than not, the occupants in this house has never quite been 'just the two of us'.

Before we moved in, we had to deal with the nightly menace of a young female fruit bat at the back of our house. She loved to eat and poop at the same spot which is very troublesome for me to clean. Not to mention the hazards! So we Google-ed for ways to get rid of it without harm - putting grease on the beams, placing moth balls (naphthalene), adding extra lights. But none of these methods worked. So my FIL suggested hanging fishing nets, but he warned that putting up those nets would mean killing it. I guess I don't have to elaborate on what we did or what happened...

While cleaning after that bat, I've come to realize we have a regular visit by the neighborhood cat. I wasn't sure who's the owner, but I knew from the collar, it was pretty much 'domesticated-NOT'. And one day, while I came over to clean the house I saw a rat carcass. From that day on, a bottle of Dettol disinfectant liquid became my very best friend. However, once the 'smell' of the disinfectant wears off, a NEW carcass is BACK! It was seriously annoying, and naphthalene balls just doesn't work on that *censored-word-goes-here* cat, as if it's immune to it. So I clean that particular spot with undiluted disinfectant liquid every once a month just to avoid seeing another carcass nicely hidden beside the washing machine.

So we have bats, cats, rats and loads of household lizards and insects of various shapes, sizes and colors. But since the previous owner was obsessed with privacy, the five foot perimeter wall seems to work to keep out other uninvited guess - like the obese monitor lizard that treats my in-law's garden like it's second home!

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