Tuesday, April 28, 2009

X-Men Origin : Wolverine

Having stayed in rural areas of Penang for past one and a half years, the two of us had only been to the cinema twice - to watch Wall-E and most recently Fast and Furious 4. Today is a little special. While the entire nation waits for X-Men Origin screening tomorrow, the two of us had the pleasure of watching it TODAY! It's the first time the two of us have ever watched any movie BEFORE the entire nation. Usually we avoid newly screened shows and only watch them a week or two after it's premier just to get good seats. But since this ticket was almost free and we didn't have to queue up, it should be a good experience. Anyway the tickets are actually courtesy of CIMB Bank Credit Cards (which I happily own one) - but they are not exactly free. I had to spend a minimum of MYR100 to be able to redeem these two tickets and there was a limit for one card main card holder can only redeem two tickets (so stingy).
On 1st April, I saw on BBC news that an incomplete version of this movie was leaked onto the Internet. How funny when I would have thought this might be an April Fool's Day Joke. However when one of the many people that saw the incomplete version was a US columnist who then wrote a review on the incomplete version and subsequently led to his dismissal at his workplace at Fox News - I realize it was no joke at all. Anyway, the columnist mentioned that this show was beyond his expectations but I guess I have to watch it tonight to find out actually how good is it.


  1. Wow, this is so exciting! I'm eager to read your full review. Have a great time, Waileng :).

  2. so what do u think about the movie? isit some continuation from the previous episodes? i cant remember whether i watched the previous ones.. @__@

  3. (^^,)
    Watched it yesterday and it's a good show. But it's not continuation from the previous X-Men movies. So you won't feel "lost" or "blur" when you see this one!


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