Wednesday, April 29, 2009

X-Men Origin : Wolverine

6.00pm sharp, we closed for the day and got ready for our trip to GSC in Queensbay Mall where the movie is shown. We arrived at Queensbay at about 7.30pm (which could be earlier if not because of a stalled car in the middle of the bridge) and headed straight to Sushi King for dinner.

It's a good thing that this ticket is allowed to be kept. Cos seriously, this isn't one of those regular GSC printed ticket!

And right after dinner, we headed straight to GSC. However, when we arrived it looked as if there were more CIMB staffs than actual card members that redeemed the tickets.
So the movie started like just any regular movie - with the exception that quite a number of GSC staffs were in the cinema with us watching the show also!
Anyway, before I start talking about this movie just to let those of you who are planning to watch this show that it's rated 13PG and you WILL see Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) naked butt (but I must say that it's a well toned sexy butt...*evil grin*)! Now X-Men Origins is not a continuation from any of the previous X-Men movies. This two hour show is all about how a mutant who can't die named Logan became Wolverine. Prior to watching this show, all I know is that Logan/Wolverine is a mutant infused with Adamantium (some kind of metal) in an experiment and is indestructible (can't die unless you chop his head off). Watching this show has pretty much explains how he became what he is.
I really like the story line - unlike movies like The Matrix where I end up having more questions in my head after the movie. However the graphics is only so-so. I don't know if it's the cinema equipments or the actual film, but I noticed some scenes looked as if it's a pirated copy (fuzzy and blur) while some 3D graphics (like the war scene and the only scene where Charles Xavier appeared) looked as though it was hastily pasted together.
So would I recommend people to watch? Well, it's an interesting show but don't expect so much out of it. And if you like a little bit (I really mean a little bit cos it's nothing like Texas Chainsaw Massacre) of slashing, punching, shooting and beheading? Go see. Oh, and the ending ending is like Pirates of the Caribbean : At World's End - so stay put!


  1. Where are the sushis ;p? I agree to you on Matrix, and share your evil grin right now. I can't wait to see the My tongue just slipped. You didn't hear that from me, LOL. Thank you for the review. Have a great day, Waileng :)

  2. Oh the sushi? We were starving the moment we arrived. So by the time I thought of taking pictures the plates were all empty! (^^,)
    Anyway, it's a good butt... I mean movie to watch! Hope you enjoy the movie too!


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