Monday, May 11, 2009

Making Simple Pillow Cases

Okay. So here is my first project - making a simple pillow cases. We've bought a few throw pillows (45cm x 45cm) for the living room some time back but being fussy people, we couldn't decide on a proper pattern for our pillow cases. So when we were in MF-Mart (yes that place again) some time back, he saw a this design but it was already sewn into a curtain. I volunteer to be his little seamstress and try to make six pillow cases from two pieces of curtains measuring 150cm x 200cm.

Since my pillow is 45cm by 45cm, I had to make sure my pillow is at least 50cm X 50cm. To get that, I cut the cloth to 55cm x 130cm (extra 5cm for the width and height for seams).

Making Simple Pillow CasesThe first picture above shows the cloth is already cut to the required length. Now the sides (indicated by the yellow line) are the sides that is 'exposed' where the threads may come loose first. So these sides are folded and given extra stitches just incase.
Making Simple Pillow CasesSome cloths do not have front or back meaning both sides of the cloth are the same. While the cloth I'm using has a front side and back side. So when I do my folding, I have to make sure the front side of the cloth is facing me. Using a measuring tape as a guide, fold the left side inward to the 50cm mark.

Making Simple Pillow CasesThen fold the right side inward. The right side is only half way is just to keep the pillow in the case and so it won't fall out. After folding the right side, sew the sides together. After sewing the sides together, unfold the pillow so the front side of the pillow is now facing out. Stuff in the pillow and now you're done!

Making Simple Pillow Cases


  1. Wow, what a great step by step guide! Very easy to understand. I love it. Have a great weekend, Waileng :)

  2. Thank you Rosidah. I'm glad you liked it (^^,)


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