Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pancakes for Lunch

It was supposed to be a working day for us. But due to some maintenance work required at a transformer near our factory, the entire industrial area had no electricity for the entire day forcing most factories to close for the day - which includes us.
So for lunch we had pancakes and orange juice. Well, it's not as fancy as Paddington House of Pancakes but it was a very filling meal. Oh, don't ask me for this recipe - we bought those pancakes flour that comes in boxes and just add water and an eggs before frying them in a pan. Too bad the bananas at the back of my house isn't ripe yet or it sure will add extra flavor to the dish! But do note that a box of pancake flour (250 gms I think) is enough to fill the stomach of 4 starving adults!


  1. Yummy, this photo makes me hungry! I didn't know that these pancakes in boxes turn out so good looking :).

  2. The trick is to start with less water. If the box says 500ml water, put 450ml first. After cooking the first piece and you find the batter thick only you add more water (little by little). And the other thing is start with a very hot pan (flat base is best), and when you start cooking turn down the fire or you find big bubble spots all over the pancake.

  3. actually i love pancakes le.. miss the PHOP alot!! cant wait to go there again!!

  4. Yes I miss them very much. But it's much cheaper to make our own pancakes. I think one box is about RM5++ (^^,)


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