Friday, May 15, 2009

Same Trick Over Used

"Little Miss A, age 7 from Some-Where-Out-There has being diagnosed with leukemia. Her father Mr B, needs $200,000.00 for her operations. All local telco companies has agreed to pay $0.10 for every 10 people you forward this message to. So please send as many as you can."

Have anyone received such short message (SMS) on their mobile phone before? Well, I know I have and it just sounds all too familiar. Not too long ago, there were emails circulating on the Internet about kids or babies with illness. The receiver of the email is requested to forward to as many people as possible so email service provider companies like MSN, Yahoo or Google will donate a certain sum. See the similarities? When I received the SMS, I showed it to my hubby and he too burst into laughter. Whether or not Little Miss A from Some-Where-Out-There DOES have the stated illness is not known. But the very idea of sending as many sms to as many people as possible so the network service provider will donate accordingly is just absurd!
Anyway, over the years the email version has seems to evolved. They have included a line that sounds something like this - Once you have forwarded to the list of contacts, don't forget to CC a copy to! Perhaps in due time, you'll receive an sms that says don't forget to forward to the company's accountant at 012-3456789 so he can keep track of the numbers!

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  1. These impostors are getting better and better. One should be very careful. Especially when it involves a lot of money.


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