Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sparrow forced moved

Recently a sparrow couple made nest on the air conditioner's out door unit. The house Sparrow or in Chinese it's known as ma que zi (麻雀子) where in Cantonese speaking community pronounce it as 'mah jiok zhai' which sounds like the mahjong game. I got used to the chirping sound it made every morning. But the droppings and mess it leaves on the floor below the unit was driving me nuts!

So my hubby decided to move the nest elsewhere. Chasing the parents out was very easy - just put a stool under the unit and give it a few taps. Then it came to removing the nest and babies (two of them). There was two little birds, but one was obviously bigger than the other in size. The big one was quite hard to grab hold because it was begining to learn to fly and it wouldn't stay still. The younger one was 'half naked' as the underbelly had no feather yet and it was clinging very hard on the nest.
For safety, I wore gloves and placed the birds and the nest in a bucket while my hubby starts to look for a suitable place to rehouse the birds. The parents were sitting on a fence nearby chirping their little lungs out hoping that we will not harm their little ones.
The nest was nothing more but dried leaves and grass. What's unique is that there was human hair weaved at the bottom of the nest! It was as though it was threaded to keep the bottom tied together. And there was this one part where a few strands of hair tightly 'sewn' the nest to the aircond wiring I had to use some force to yank it out.

Anyway, my hubby decided we should put the nest at the shady bamboo plant outside our room.
After the move, it was rather nosiy with all the extra chirpings in the morning. But at least I've got one lesser chore to do every day - sweeping bird poop from our tiled flooring!


  1. It must be warm in those air conditioner outdoor units. We have the same problem here. Very amazing nest, if we take some closer look like you did! Thank you for the wonderful shots :).

  2. i strongly suggest moving the nest somewhere higher, away from cats reach. the nest is built there for a reason, away from preying eyes, especially cat's eyes.

  3. Hahaha... She totally forgotten about the neighbor's cat. It was at our porch this morning waiting to pounce on the little ones!

  4. Hello Rosidah! Thanks for the compliments. But the neighbor's cat is back in our garden again and it's scaring all the birds away. Probably it's time I get a dog.
    Bro, you know of any Labrador breeders? I want Labrador - like Cisco

  5. i don't know any Labrador breeders. but i do know of an operate from home dalmatian breeder.


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