Thursday, May 28, 2009

Zongzi - A day of rice dumplings

In the Chinese Calendar, today is the 5th Day of the 5th month - a festival of eating rice dumplings or zongzi and celebrating Dragon Boat Festival. I love eating rice dumplings, but I cannot eat much as the glutinous rice causes gastric irritation for me. Different families uses different ingredients in their dumplings but the general ingredients like glutinous rice, nuts (any kind of nuts) and pork (except vegetarian dumplings). Like the one above is known as Jianshui zong (碱水粽) or alkaline water dumplings, its a uses plain glutinous rice (no fillings) and lye water (aqueous calcium hydroxide) to give it a distinctive yellow color and it's usually eaten as a desert dipped in palm sugar caramel (Gula Melaka or also known as Gula Merah).
In major cities, it's like any other normal day and food stalls are opened like usual. However, in small towns and villages the only food sorce for this day is - home.


  1. Looks delicious! I love dumplings. Have a wonderful day, Waileng :)

  2. yeah! i had 2 dumplings last week! damn regret now.. they are quite fattening :(
    anyway, i do like this Jianshui zong! best serve with kaya!!

  3. My Grand-Mother-in-Law actually made mini dumplings (bite size, instead of those regular large ones) and ended up I kept eating until I lost count of how many actually went into my tummy(^^,)


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