Friday, June 5, 2009

Restaurant City Addiction

Most (if not all) Facebook games runs on the same modus operandi - a never-ending game with the more friends you have playing this game the faster you'll level up. And if you don't have enough friends you add strangers who are also playing the same game. The first never-ending game I've played was Transport Tycoon Deluxe which I later continued playing the Open Sourced version. I do get bored with this game after playing for some time, but once I've stayed away from the game long enough, it feels fun to start playing all over again.
Anyway, currently I'm addicted to Restaurant City and Mob Wars seemed to be "yesterday's" game. It'll be sometime before I get over this addiction and get hooked on to another game.

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  1. It looks very interesting! I love the bright colors of the game. Have a wonderful day, Waileng :)


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