Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stuck with Sudoku

Sudoku Puzzle
Once in a while when I've got nothing much to do, I would try my hands on a few games of Online sudoku. But personally, I think the best sudoku is played the old fashion way - paper and pen. So while shopping this morning, I've passed by a book store and bought a sudoku puzzle book. Compared to the many publications available in the book store, this was the cheapest - MYR7.90 (Approx. USD1.80) for 150 puzzles. One thing I love best about puzzle games is because it stimulates the brain. Especially right now my work now doesn't require much thinking (compared to my university days), it's good to exercise my brains every now and then.
The image above is one of the puzzles in the book where I am currently stuck at and I can't seem to find any solution... What's worse it when I'm stuck at something, I will refuse to do other things until I solve this pesky problem (closing the book is NOT an option to me by the way). (^^,)


  1. It looks interesting. How do you play Sudoku? Have a wonderful week, Waileng.

  2. Hello Rosidah,
    Sudoku is a Japanese game. The quest is to fill up each row, corresponding column AND 3x3 block with the numbers 1-9. Each number can only appear ONCE in each row, column and 3x3 block. And there is only ONE SOLUTION to each puzzle.

  3. Wow, that's a real challenging game!

  4. Yes Rosidah, and the hardest part in the puzzle above is that the number 5 is missing. When there is a particular number missing from the entire puzzle its very very difficult for me to solve it.


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