Monday, August 17, 2009

When memory lacks... there's always pictures to look at

I've been back to busy mode of late. This time I've been spending more time offline rather than online. It's nothing serious - just that I've been cooking up various ideas on what to work out on our outdoor shoot which is 2 months away... I know, I know. The dates for my photo shoots are like so far apart (more over my wedding is not until next year, I kept getting questions such as "why do now?") But trust me, time flies and when it comes to shooting day, unless you have hyper good memory, it's best to keep your ideas or at least reference pictures in written or printed form. Basically we got carried away in the first shoot, we sort of got "dried up" towards the end. Worse part is the ideas came flowing back when I reached home~!

Anyway - so how did my photo shoot go? Spent almost 8 hours at the studio doing wacky stunts and making goofy faces - basically it was splendid~! Sorry though... no pictures at the moment because we were thinking of compiling the entire album before proceeding to publish them and show the world.

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