Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pre-wedding photos - Adding a personal touch

I have one very honest question to those who are married and have a pre-wedding photo album - "where is it NOW?" The most common answers I get is "kept up in some drawer" and "collecting dusk on the self". And when I asked if they still love the album as much as they first got it, there are some who's answer was an unfortunate - no. But who can blame them? Being a bride, is once in a life time thing - we only have one chance (unless of course our husbands are so rich they don't mind us spending a fortune on the best bridal studio and take as many times as you want).

If you've been surfing around some of the bridal studio's wedding sites / blogs (especially Malaysian sites), you might notice a certain pattern in the photographer. One particular site that I've noticed is how the photographer takes outdoor shoots. All his/her outdoor shot focuses on the background leaving the bridal couple either too small or too blur. It looks beautiful for commercials but to me, I don't think I would want that because I can't see if the bride in the picture is really me or not me. At the end of the day, I felt like "what's the point in taking wedding albums?" They all looked similarly the same!

But who are you to blame when your album looks the same as the other couple's album which looks the same as another couple's album? A bridal studio has only X number of photographers. Over a period of time, the photographers will too run out of ideas. So in short, don't expect the photographer to give you "new" ideas when in fact it's actually recycled. And now with the Internet, you can compare various sites and see that the poses and outdoor background are of the same location - the botanical gardens, the capital city - Putrajaya, the train station in Kuala Lumpur, Taman Tun Dr Ismail Park.

Here's the bottom line - it's YOUR album. So try to put your hands and feet in it. What I mean is, add a personal touch into your album - bring your own props. Every bridal studio has their own props. But those props only match their clothings and most likely other brides before you have already used it. If you want something special, put an effort. If you leave the work to the bridal company's crew, then don't complain if it doesn't satisfy you. One good example is using soft toys - one to represent you and the other your partner. For the two of us, it's Piggie and Doggie. I'll let you guess who's the pig and who's the dog.

If you are not a fan of soft toys, perhaps other things that represents your common interest. If stamps are your things, then bring along your stamp album. How you pose with your stamp album will be entirely up to you. Or if you have good photo editing skills, you might want to put your face onto a stamp instead?

In short, adding something that is yours makes a big difference.


  1. Great tips, Waileng! I think it will make your wedding album even more personal & memorable. Oddball looks great on the stamp. How did you add the effect? Have a wonderful week :)

  2. Hello Rosidah~! I got the postage stamp template from another blogger -
    I download the file and attached Oddball's picture to the frame using Adobe Photoshop program. (^^,)

  3. Thanks for the great info, Waileng :)!


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