Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bride Stories – the Staff’s Version

In my previous posting, I mentioned about how important it is to communicate with the staffs at the bridal studio. The fastest and funniest way to break the ice is to ask them about their experience. In can be anything from tales of funny and weird customers, their addiction to Facebook’s Farmville (and who’s got the most successful farm) to a more intimate questions like “does this dress make my boob look big?” So during my many trips to the bridal studio, I’ve gathered some bridal stories to share.

Case 1: The one week marriage.
There is an old Chinese phrase 夫妻相 (fu qi xiang) literally meaning “spousal look”. It is said that couples that were destined to be together have this yin yang image like the Malay proverb “seperti pinang dibelah dua”. Though the inexperienced usually mistook this spousal look as sibling look-a-like. So this story was told by a staff that is related to the bride. The father of the bride objected their matrimony but the bride was stubborn and insisted on the wedding. As much as it sounded like a romantic movie with the bride having to face such huge obstacle, the story teller cautioned the bride and groom does not have the “spousal look”. So on their banquet night, the father of the bride didn’t attend the dinner as a sign of objection. Sadly, a week later the couple filed for divorce. The story teller wasn’t so sure on the details but it all ended within a week. So much so for “happy ending”
Moral of the story: As much as people like to try to defy all odds, not many can survive it.

Case 2: I don’t know what I’m doing
Now this happened during MY photo shoot. I was with this couple and it sure felt weird. The bride kept giving me this envious look – as if she was wishing to be me or at least it felt that way. Though we never spoke but every time I smiled at her, she would respond with a weak smile – almost like a sad smile. What more intriguing was my ultra short one-line conversation with her husband-to-be! I so happened to be standing near him with some sample dresses. He was supposed to help a staff pick out a dress for his bride, and he said “I don’t know if my girl friend likes it”. I tort back, “hey, you’re getting married… shouldn’t you be addressing her as your wife already?”
His emotionless reply was “I don’t know if she wants me”. Both the staff and I were shocked by his response I quickly walked away leaving him and the staff to go through the dresses. In my heart I was thinking “then what the hell are you doing here?? This ain’t some restaurant! It’s a bridal studio for Pete’s sake!”
So during my photo shoot, I spotted the couple peeking at us enjoying every second in the spotlight. Both with the same solemn face wishing they were us…
Moral of the story: If you are not planning to get married so soon, then why torture yourself with all this? If it’s because of the bun in the oven then you should have consulted Durex before hand! Fate is in your hands.

Case 3: The ultimate bridezilla - the future evil queen
This was another case where I got to witness first hand. The groom was another reluctant bloke. But this one was quite obvious at who’s at fault. The bride was in fact a bridezilla. How she insisted things done her way, which specific staff to serve her and MUST do exactly as she wishes – it sure got onto everyone’s nerves. When I met her, it was their banquet night and the bride required her hair and makeup done. The groom was there to accompany her, but he spent most of his time sleeping on the couch. It may sound rude, but for a guy to sit at a bridal studio for over an hour doing nothing, it’s as much torture as putting a lady in a mechanic garage for the same amount of time! Was she pissed off at his attitude? Obviously yes! So she started nagging him. Nag so much so he locked himself in their Mini Coupe which was parked outside the studio and continued sleeping. She then got SO enraged she called him on the phone and started scolding him mercilessly. I must say those guys and girls at the bridal are one bunch of people with a whole lot of patience. How they kept their cool with such hot headed witch! Oh, one thing noticeable about bridezillas is that she must not see another happy bride or her tempers will flair. (*evil grin*) Yup, that was what exactly I did. Be real lovely-dovely with my hunny-bunny and show it her in her fat-green-face I’m the happiest bride on EARTH! (^_^)
Moral of the story: All men HAVE egos. If you want to throw tantrums, do that at home. If you do that in public, you’ll be the only one embarrassed – not him! And beware of naughty brides who feeds on the anger and jealous auras of bridezillas (mu-a-ha-ha-ha-ha)

Case 4: You killed my family
Now this is one story that really made me laugh so hard, I ended up forgetting how the story came about. This was told to us by our photographer – affectionately called Ah Hui. He had his own fare share of bridezillas and groomonster (groom monster). One particular couple he remembered is how this groom was so reluctant in taking photos, they ended up having a sad-faced groom for their entire album. I don’t remember how or why the groom was upset, but according to Ah Hui, the groom gave him an angry face the whole DAY as if he had killed the entire groom’s family or something close to that.
Moral of the story: Whatever the problem, for goodness sake this is an album you’ll carry for LIFE! A wedding album is supposed to remind you of the happy moments when you get an “upgrade” in life. Not some check point to remind you of your misery and grunge!

Picture courtesy of Kuang Yee Digital Photo and Bridal Studio


  1. Wow what a wonderful photo, Waileng! I imagine you'll have a stunning wedding album to keep. Just one shot already took my breath away. You look fabulous, my dear. I'm so happy for you and Dennis.

    I also love your new profile pic. It has a very humorous sense. You sure picked a great wedding photographer. Have a terrific week :)

  2. Thank you Rosidah.
    Ah Hui happens to be a friend of my husband also. They have known each other for some years now. Anyway, the profile pic was an impromptu shot. We really had plenty of fun and are very pleased with the end results.
    Anyway, we'll try to compile a digital photo clip and have it posted here when done. (^_^)
    Hope you have good week too!

  3. Wow... what a lovely couple...congrats! nice photo...
    btw nanged ya post on innit and also clicked on ur ads... ^^ have a good day...

  4. Thank you Kennee!
    And a good day to you too!

  5. Ah, how wonderful! That's what friends are for :). I can't wait to see the digital photo clip.


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