Friday, October 30, 2009

Kill yourself if you must - don't smoke others

Ever since I've started working for my dear hubby, I've made it a clear point to everyone NOT to smoke inside the office. Everyone who is health conscious would know the dangers of smoking (and second hand smoke). But there are just some idiots who doesn't know how to read the no smoking signs. What annoys me are some people who are so blind that they can't see the sign pasted at the door and give stupid excuses like - "I can't read" or "What's wrong smoking - it's my right". One got me so furious there just wasn't any foul words suitable for me to use on him. The standard B word, F word or even S word seems so insignificant to his arrogant reply.

Honestly, I have no objections to people smoking as I have many friends who smokes. But don't they understand that they are not only putting their heath in danger but also the people around them?? Oh, wait! If they actually care about their health in the first place they wouldn't smoke right? Neither would they smoke inside an office, right? And if they have a brain (which I doubt that arrogant idiot has any), they would know how to read the no smoking signs right? So I guess there's 2 classes of smokers - smart smokers and dumb smokers. Smart smokers are those who know where and when to smoke, while dumb smokers are those who don't.

So to those dumb smokers out there (including you arrogant SOB) go kill yourself with all the smoke, tar and nicotine. If you ever step into MY office with a lit bud in your hand, I'll smoke you out with this -


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