Saturday, October 17, 2009

One Bride's Beauty is another Bride's Eyesore

Author's note: the link provided on this post links to pictures that may be deemed obscene by certain individuals. Please exercise cautions.

During my months of collecting ideas for our photo book, I've been surfing many sites in search of poses and ideas on creating an art that reflects the both of us. There were certain months where I've even exceeded the bandwidth limit allocated. Most ideas were out of the ordinary and good for us to copy cat use. Others were lets say - not for the faint hearted.

In between, I shared my many ideas with my hubby only to be disappointed when he shook his head in disagreement. It sure didn't feel nice being rejected over and over again. Frustrated, I let him do all the work while I went on "strike" - giving no comments even though it was something really nice. But barely a few seconds of going on "strike" he starts to lecture reason with me. A good picture isn't about how good you look with your flawless complexion, straight white teeth and silky long black hair. It's how you turn your feelings into a picture for the world to see at the same time not being awkward or ridiculous. Some ideas may look lovely on it's own, but when you place it in a book with other pictures you might find it a little(or totally) out of place. Or some pictures are just plain outrageous!

Soon I began to see the logic in his explanation. It probably also explained why some of my pictures didn't quite turn out as expected. At the same time I realized how important it was to understand the principles and concepts of photography in order to achieve what we wanted. But anyway, I'm glad to say that most of the pictures turned out beautifully. At least we did not waste an entire day's effort in creating the "happiness" we were looking for...
Image courtesy of Kuang Yee Digital Photo and Bridal Studio


  1. I must say it again, your wedding shots turned out very unique and wonderful! It's definitely something to remember for. I can't wait to see the wedding :)

  2. Thank you Rosidah. I look forward to it too. (^_^)


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