Saturday, October 3, 2009

Phuket: Journey from start till end (Part 2)

Wednesday, 23rd September 2009

Visit to James Bond Island. The actual name of the island is actually Ko Tapu or Nail Island which is located in Phang Nga Bay (the bay area between (East) Phuket Island and the (West)Thai peninsular). Ko Tapu was made famous by the 1974 James Bond: The Man with the Golden Gun. For this excursion we were joined with 5 other couples also from Malaysia. We were driven from our hotel and headed north (out of Phuket Island) to Phang Nga Jetty to catch a 45 minutes long boat ride to James Bond Island. Now here’s a tip, take the front seat when on the long boat. Most of these boats are powered by Nisan diesel engine (probably 6000CC) without muffler – so it’s ear deafening. A long boat is long (hence the name) and narrow. Only two people can sit per row (3 if the third person is a child). So if you sit at the middle or back end, there is a huge chance you get wet – seriously wet. But if you are sitting in front, the only chance of getting wet is when it rains. Remember - SIT IN FRONT

Another thing is you’ll get your life jacket from a store located along the jetty (yes, for safety – it’s a must). Once you wear your life jacket and board the long boat, there will be a local (guy sometimes lady) who will ask you to look into her camera and she’ll take a picture of you. BE WARNED: after the trip, when you return the life jacket back to the store, the person who took a picture of you WILL grab hold of you and try to sell you the picture for a crazy price of 200Baht (MYR20)! So if you don’t want to buy them here’s what you do – take your time walking back to the store, drop your life jacket at the designated spot and RUN back into your transport ASAP! Honestly, it’s not worth buying such picture because it’s only a picture of you and your partner on a boat wearing a life jacket – it doesn’t show where you guys were SO it could be anywhere on EARTH! If you want memorable – this is the icon to look for.

The big stone in the middle of the water is the symbol of James Bond Island.

Even Coca-Cola has an advertisement inspired by that stone. But don’t worry, on this island there was no pesky Thai (or at least so when we were there) to take your pictures with their cameras. So either you ask your tour guide to help or if you don’t have any guide, just ask another tourist! For lunch, we had sea food at a Muslim fishing village in the middle of the bay area. Honestly, it’s tourist food – so there’s nothing nice except that the crab is fresh. In fact that’s the only nice thing to eat. For drinks, the 6 of us had to share a big glass bottle of coke and “battery water”.

After lunch, we were sent back to our respective hotels to rest. Dinner, the two of us were taken to Seeka Boutique Restaurant the group of couples were not with us for dinner. They served us Thai food – tourist style. So it wasn’t spicy at but the food is nice. After dinner we were back in our rooms for movie marathon from the laptop.


  1. Thanks for the great tips, Waileng! I have enjoyed the journey to Phuket through your photos :). The food in your last shot looks so yummy.

  2. Well Rosidah, more has yet to come. I've only blogged about 22 and 23 Sept. I still have 24 and 25 Sept to blog. Will update that very soon. The food is nice. I really loved the elephant carved from watermelon skin. Too bad I couldn't take it home as it may rot in my luggage bag!

  3. TY, Waileng :). Amazing how creative people can be!


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