Friday, October 9, 2009

Phuket: My Fast Food Fair

Our trip to Phuket wasn’t as hectic as Bali so we had plenty of time shopping, walking around and checking out the difference between all the fast food restaurants (Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut and McDonalds) in Malaysia and Thailand. Now I know some people might think "WHAT?! Go all the way to Phuket to eat fast food??" Like most tourist restaurants in Malaysia, you can't find the price list. When we were in Cameron Highlands (in the state of Pahang, Malaysia) there were no price list OR menu in some of those restaurants. So just to avoid being blood-sucked-dry by those unscrupulous ones - fast food is safest. One thing for sure, it isn’t difficult to spot a fast-food joint!

One significant difference is the SIZE per serving and the food option. During our week stay in Phuket, we had 3 meals of McDonalds Samurai Pork Burger! It was something you can NEVER find in Malaysia. Or the fact that Burger King Phuket actually HAVE triple Whooper? The serving size for a regular set meal is equal to a large set meal in Malaysia. And when we ordered a large meal, we were in for a HUGE surprise!

Overall, Phuket was a good experience being independent from those “fixed” tours allowed us to have ample of time to observe our surroundings and the uniqueness of our neighbor country. I even picked up a few words in Thai like sawadeeka (Hello or Greetings) and kapkumka (Thank you). In my week stay there, I would have to say my personal favourite is the ATV tour. Challenging yet fun!


  1. Sawadeeka, Waileng!

    I can see that you had a wonderful time in Thailand :). The size of fast food here in Indonesia is also smaller than in other countries. When my family still lived in Germany the portions seemed at least twice the size here.

    Kapkumka for sharing your holiday with us.

  2. Guten Tag Rosidah! Wie geht es Ihnen?

    Indeed it was a good trip. I have friends who are currently in the UK and the US. They always say that one set meal there can be shared by 2 persons! However, there was no free refills for drinks - unlike here in Malaysia (McD and Burger King).

    Auf Wiedershen!

  3. i miss the hatyai's pork burger :/
    true, something we will never find in Msia.. last year when i went Hatyai, they even had Shrimp burger!! *salivates*

  4. Hayley, you mean like KFC's shrimp burger?? I didn't know that they had that cos it wasn't on the menu. Anyway, in Phuket they have McCafe - the concept is like Starbucks where they served coffee, tea, chocolate drinks. I think I'll post next with pictures(^_^)

  5. Guten Tag, Waileng! Mir geht es gut :). I didn't know that there were free refills for drink in Malaysia. I don't think that this applies here, too.

    @ Hayley: Shrimp Burger sounds yummy.It makes me salivate too :)


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