Sunday, October 11, 2009

Phuket: My McCafe Experience

In my previous post, I mentioned about my Fast Food Craze to the extent we had 3 meals of pork burger. One other thing we saw not available in Malaysia (at the moment) is a McCafe. To my knowledge there's McCafe in Singapore (as told by my close friend who is also a blogger Victoria), now we see one in Phuket BUT no McCafe in Malaysia. Below is a close up of the menu, just incase if anyone's interested to know the pricing (^_^)

Well, we heard that this McCafe in Jungceylon was opened about a month ago. So they had a little promotion - spend 200Baht (about MYR20) and above on food and/or beverages and get a McCafe-Phuket mug worth 250Baht (about MYR25) free! So like I mentioned about the final prices includes VAT tax, all I had to do is add two items to total the figure! Dan ordered a large Cappuccino for 105Baht and I ordered a small cup of hot chocolate for 95Baht - total exactly 200Baht - Simple eh? Just so unlike here in Malaysia where you have those stupid 9 cents nominations.

SO, before I made the purchase, I confirmed if they still have the mug promotion with the staff there, she said "yes, yes". Imagine her horror when she was supposed to pack the mug only to find there was NONE LEFT?! She ran into the store to check (TWICE) and again under the counter just to be sure. Her colleague who was making the drinks coyly pointed to her the display cup instead!

Yup, the mug in my paper bag is their display mug! The last of free McCafe Phuket Mug is MINE!


  1. Lucky you :)! I'm actually not that into coffee, but those mixed berries look very inviting. Have a wonderful week, Waileng

  2. Thank you Rosidah, indeed I was lucky. In fact if the cashier had told me they ran out of mugs, I wouldn't have bought the two drinks. By the way, is there any McCafe in Indonesia?


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