Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pre-wedding album - Prop Ideas

If you have stumble upon my blog via search engines, you might want to read the rest of my Wedding Thoughts for more insights on my experience trying to make the most memorable wedding album and some hints when engaging a bridal company.
Props are objects you use (either holding, wearing or just placed at the background) to enhance the beauty of an image. If you think Victorian gowns, the common props are lace umbrella, hand fan and probably pistol for the man - you get the idea right? In my post - Adding a Personal Touch, I mentioned how props are important in making the entire album special. So here's the bottom line, bring your own props so others will not have what you have to make it special. If you depend the bridal company to prepare everything, then be prepared to be disappointed.
Here's a list of common items as a general idea -
  • Pets (dog, cat, hamsters, iguana, lizard, snakes)
  • Computer or Laptops (if the both of you are IT geeks)
  • Kid's Chalkboard (if one of you might want to play the role of teacher / student)
  • Sport shoes worn under the wedding gown (runaway bride?)
  • Or pointe shoes (if you are/was a ballerina)
  • Soap bubbles (do ask if you are allowed to blow bubbles in the studio)
  • A deck of cards (if both of you enjoy playing poker -you might want to include a poker face)
  • Zodiac - it can be in a form of stuff animals or key chains or just a symbol drawn in the sand.
  • Collections - bring out your collection of soft toys and fill the entire studio!
If you are still clueless, here's an image for inspiration. The spectacle frame in the picture below is owned by Kuang Yee Bridal.

Image courtesy of Kuang Yee Digital Photo and Bridal Studio


  1. my husband wears spec. and he should be wearing his glasses too during our photo session. and the bridal consultant ask him to buy a frame without the glasses.. did ur hubby did this too?

  2. Hi Hayley.
    We didn't buy any frames - both the frame belongs to Kuang Yee Bridal. They loan it to us free. The entire indoor shoot my hubby was wearing the frame provided by them. I was wearing contact lenses so I had no problem seeing. Oh, if you wearing contact lenses, don't wear the colored ones. Black still okay. If you wear other color lenses like brown, it will end up as red or some weird color. I saw one customer's album, the eyes quite scary cos she wore colored contact lenses.

  3. I love these personal touches. They give away a warmer feeling. Great tips for those who are preparing for their pre-wedding shots!

  4. Well Rosidah, I guess this is why my hubby and I get along so well. We didn't just want what everybody have - a book with the bride in a wedding dress and a groom in a tux. We wanted something we can look back 50 years later and still laugh about it. (^_^)


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