Thursday, October 15, 2009

X-Men Origins - Wolverine DVD

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A few months back I blogged about my “free” movie ticket to watch Wolverine. Back then, I mentioned my disappointment in the movie’s quality where the CGI graphics were poor. Recently my hubby got the DVD and we watched it for the second time. To my surprise, the DVD movie looked ultra cool on our 32” LCD TV! The quality wasn’t as bad as what we saw at the cinema.

Now I can’t do much debate or comparison between the cinema movie and the DVD movie we have at home. It’s not like those guys at the cinema will allow us to take pictures or screen shots of the film and compare it with our home theater. But based on my experience, watching Wolverine both in the cinema and at home, I can say that watching THIS show at home is far better than going to the cinema!


  1. I don't know why, but now I prefer to watch movies at home. It feels too crowded at the cinema nowadays. Anyway, I believe that Hugh Jackman looked far more appealing with the increased image quality ;). Did you get any bonus features?

  2. hahaha... yes yes, Hugh Jackman does look more appealing with increased image quality (^_^)
    but the DVD we got didn't have bonus feature because it wasn't exactly original :-P


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