Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Temporarity Offline

Dear all,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be "offline" for one month (hopefully) . Nothing in particular, it's just that I'm busy with my full focus on producing our beloved photo book with all our pre-wedding shots. 50 pages and over 200 pictures to choose. It's not easy when you like ALL of them (^_^)

Anyway, hopefully when I'm done with the book I will have more time to blog once again.

Until then, take care. And here's the first page I've created - enjoy! (^_^)


  1. Beautifully done! I can't wait to see the full album. It must be quite hard to choose. I loved every photo I have seen so far. Have a wonderful time :). Btw, your blog feed just updated on my blog. But I can see that you have actually more posts than that. Do you think that I can get some updates through my email? I don't want to skip on your posts. Have a great week, my dear :)

  2. Hello Rosidah!

    Thanks for the compliments. We are combining the pictures from our trips to Bali, Phuket and all over Malaysia into our album - at least it'll be one of a kind (^_^)

    Anyway, I'll try change the settings on my blog and put your email into my update list.

    Hope you have a great week to~!

  3. Hello Waileng! It sure will be one of a kind :). Thanks for changing your settings. I didn't know that we could do. Hugs and love.


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