Saturday, December 19, 2009

All I want for Christmas WAS you!

I don't really know what's becoming of me lately. Anything that I wish to get my hands on are just too far to reach for the most pathetic reasons. Last weekend, I had a bad brush with Secret Recipe for Chocolate Banana cake. This week, it's over a board game.
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It's called Math Magic. A Malaysian made board game with a format similar to domino. The Malaysian company who owns the game is Magic Game Werks. I actually played this game way back in secondary school and it was a fun method for the teacher to make us good at maths and also a nice opportunity for us interact with our friends.

Fast forward 10 years later, I thought of wanting to play this game again. But after a long search in most of the shopping malls in Malaysia, I couldn't even find one box. My search actually began two years ago when I saw a friend's child showing great interest in maths. I thought it would be a great present for her. Alas, most of the toy store staffs I've asked have NEVER even heard of the game! I really began to wonder if I was educated in the Twilight Zone area with alien teachers, make-belief-friends and played with only-available-in-your-dream games. (O.o)

Then I began my search online to see if there's a seller but all the stores are US based and the price is like USD30 a set! I don't know which is more disappointing - the price tag OR a little red sign next to the picture saying "OUT OF STOCK". So I decided to contact the company directly instead. I called the number on the website and the person in charge (a Jimmy Yeoh) picked up my call. He said he was busy and will call me back the next day. But he never called. Mind you, that was LAST WEEK (the Secret Recipe week)!

During the week of "silence" I wondered to myself if I should give the guy another call. But then, why should I be bugging him when I'm the customer?? I have to admit that this game is an interesting and educational game. But how am I going to support a Malaysian made product when it looks like it's only available OUTSIDE MALAYSIA. Is this person not keen in making money from Malaysians because he's already loaded with foreign customers (and their currencies being bigger)? Honestly speaking compared to Monoploy, this game is about the same price (USD30 is about MYR120). Perhaps if this game gets as popular as Monopoly, there'll be some local "entrepreneur" would automatically create a similar game at a cheaper price. In the case of Monopoly it was Saidina - a Malaysian clone of Monopoly at only 1/3 of the price.

Anyway, yesterday I was shopping for some Christmas deco when I saw Monopoly was sold at discount - MYR99.00 (normal price about MYR120). Yup, so instead of getting that math game board, I've gotten myself Monopoly for Christmas! Now who wants to join me for a game of Monopoly? (^_^)


  1. I'd prefer math magic over monopoly. but then again, finding one is already a challenge. XD

  2. Yup. I really wanted that Math Magic very much. But the person in charge was not only rude with his stuck up "what-you-want" voice, but never bothered to call back. So might as well let Monopoly earn my money (>.<)

  3. I'd join you to play ^_^! Math Magic looks like an interesting game. Too bad you didn't find it. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  4. Math magic really is a fun game, it really is frustrating when you know this is a locally created game but you can never find buy it because it's not available!

    Hope you have a good week too!

  5. Hallo Everybody and I do apologise for only replying to you all nearly 4 years after you posted your comments. Bad excuse – “but the complete truth “ – I am a complete complete IT Donkey and have until now depended on emails and FaceBook to communicate and it was only after talking to a young friend last night – and the young chap deciding to ‘surf’ the net to check on any ‘chatter’ on MathMagic that he discovered this blog and forwarded to me just a while ago. Felt that I owe all of you a real apology for letting all of you down. But yes, I must try to at least explain the situation and why MathMagic is “out of Stock”! 2 simple words, NO MONEY! Add to this, very serious Family problems and you can imagine the complete collapse of my world.
    It has taken me a very long time to come out of my problems but I have just recently managed raise some funds to restart MathMagic and will be very active hopefully by September. For a start, productions will only for MathMagic and a very small number of MathMagic Version 2 sets.
    We plan to organize the first Malaysian Inter-School MathMagic Challenge (for children in Year 4-6 and Forms 1-3) in November 2013 with the support of the Ministries of Education as well as Science and Technology as our first step to organizing an Annual World MathMagic Challenge for schools in 2014.
    Wai Leng, I really do appreciate the very encouraging comments that you as well as Alex Wong and Rosidah have made regarding MathMagic. As such, I would be very happy to give you guys the chance to acquire (although belatedly) MathMagic at Rm100.00 and to show my appreciation, would like to invite you to meet any weekday (that is if you are in KL/PJ – pref PJ) to join me for Tea at Secret Recipe, in Giant, Kelana Jaya. The date can be set (so long as it is before my trip to the UK on Sept 6th)
    Many thanks for the Vote of confidence.

    1. Hello Jimmy! As the old saying goes, better late than never. Anyway, I wish to continue this conversation albeit private. Please email me at

      Many thanks!


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