Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Last day of 2009

I was reading Hayley's 2009 recap and I decided to join the fun! So here's my recap (link your blog to my comment box if you would like to have your recap to share) -

January - I moved my blog from Friendster to Blogger.
February - We (hubby and I) shifted to our home on February 14 2009 at 9pm - right after dinner (^_~)
March - Attended a friend's wedding and had a little detour to Segari, Perak.
April - Movie Month! This is one of those rare moments where I get to watch movies at the cinema almost every weekend. And one of them was free!
May - Spring clean my home - From forcing the sparrow out of my home, making pillow cases and getting scared by insects!
June - Preparing for my pre-wedding photo shoot. So there wasn't much blogging activities.
July - MIA from blogsphere - for the same reason as above.
August - photo shoot time!

September - Our second pre-honeymoon to Phuket, Thailand. But I didn't blog about it until in October.
October - Our second photo shoot - out door. Having spend quite some time with those folks at the bridal company, it was fun!
November -Going MIA for the second time this year. Also for the same reasons, but slightly different. I was given the task to create our pre-wedding photo book!
December - We were invited to 6 weddings that month but only attended 4 weddings, 2 had to be "rejected" because of time clash. My 10 minutes tour to Thailand. My family came to visit and they bought me presents! When you share birthday with Michael Shumaker, it's a good excuse for people to merge Christmas and Birthday presents as one! Hahahaha...

Anyway, tonight I'll be spending my count down in mi casa with my dear hubby. Rumor is Penang is not safe tonight - no, not terrorist, but the hooligans and party animals are out. So for our safety, I'll keep the bed warm - good way to usher in the new year, huh? (^_~)

Happy New Year Everybody!


  1. Happy new year girl..
    so how did u spent new year eve?

  2. Happy New Year Hayley!

    I was at home "eat until next year". (^_^)
    What about you?

  3. Wishing you all the best for 2010, my dear. Thanks for being a wonderful friend. Hugs and blessings :).

  4. And I thank you too Rosidah! (^_^)

    Happy New Year!


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