Saturday, December 12, 2009

Secret Recipe Juru & Bandar Perda branch Sucks~!

This morning when I was reading the weekend paper, I came across an advertisement from Secret Recipe. Honestly I'm not keen at their Gold Rush thingy or what-ever contest that they were promoting. I was interested in the lower section of the advertisement - MYR12.00 (that's about 3.50 USD) discount for a whole cake.

Now, the only cake I love eating is their chocolate banana. Quite a few years ago, I had their chocolate banana cake as my birthday cake and loved it since. Anyway, since my birthday is only a month away (and the last time I had an entire Chocolate Banana cake to myself was more than 3 years ago. So, might as well take advantage of the promotion and get myself one, right?

My hubby then drove me all the way to Juru Auto City just to look for the cake. Now before this incident I was well informed by friends that the Juru branch has one of the worst services ever. But for the sake of a chocolate cake I had to put on a thick face and plenty of patience. Upon arrival, there were 4 staffs behind the counter but none of them greeted me. They were walking up and down pretending to be busy. Hey, I work in a customer service department, so I also know how to LOOK BUSY~! After waiting for 5 minutes and there's this FAT ARSE bitch who tried to cut queue, I decided to speak up and butt that bitch aside. The staff that responded to my call gave me a blunt cold answer - "TAKDA" meaning "no more" or in better terms finished / no stock / they don't have it. I wasn't surprised at her answer actually - infact I expected her to give me such cold nonchalant reply because I already knew they were notorious for their services.

Not wanting to give up hope so fast, I asked my hubby if he can drive me to Bandar Perda, about 7.6km or 15 minutes drive from Auto City. On Google Map it's from point A to point B. Unfortunately, when we arrive there I only receive 5 minutes of joy. When I asked the waitress if she said they DO HAVE the flavor that I wanted. But right before I paid the bill, the cashier told me it's all sold out. At this point I do not want to seek any explanation from them and just walked away.

Prior to this incident, I knew that Secret Recipe has lousy services. My cousin sister used to complain about the Centre Point Bandar Utama branch, but back then I just thought she was being picky. But all I wanted was A FREAKING CHOCOLATE BANANA CAKE. Is that too hard to ask for?? Come to think of it, way back in 2008, right after the March general election, there was a news article in the local paper regarding a cake factory in Taman Mayang SS25, Petaling Jaya got raided by Immigrations Department. The owner was summoned for hiring illegal immigrants to work at the factory. At first I pity the owner (knowing that it's difficult to hire loyal locals) but after such an experience with two branches in one day, I would say "SERVE YOU RIGHT!"


  1. A few days ago I just read a newspaper article which said that nowadays the customer is not king anymore, because of the sales arrogant or even worse attitudes. Its more like the sales persons have become king by assuming which customers have the right to be served. The post author said, if you come into the store with a glamorous look its more likely to get served with a better attitude. I'm very stunned about this situation. Prejudice seems so old fashioned, don't ya think ;).

  2. You should try the chocolate strawberry. I had a slice with sweetheart a few weeks ago, and it was divine.

    On the defense of a few friendly Secret recipe staff at KL Central train station hub, they are a courteous bunch. Especially our young malay waitress.

    And I've also noticed the Centerpoint branch improved a tad bit. they are okay in terms of courtesy, greet us at the door but have the efficiency of a government servant on fasting month.

  3. Rosidah, you have a point there. Isn't it be a hassle to deck up like a Christmas tree just to buy a cake?? Honestly, I'm not the kind who would spend hours just to look pretty. So putting on nice clothes and having make-up on is pure troublesome. When I go out, the only think I have on my face is sunblock. But I guess people now are judge by their looks.

    Bro, I know that not ALL branches are the same. But the mentality of the people here are no different from third world countries (or maybe worse). I think even people from Jinjang fair off far better than these young waiters and waitresses from so called urban area.


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