Thursday, December 3, 2009

See Perlis in 1 day, Thailand for 10 minutes

Last weekend was the Hari Raya Qurban so we were closed and decided to have a day trip to Perlis and see the morning market at the Thai Boarder. This is my first road trip with my in-laws. Most of the time they go on trips during the weekdays when we are both busy working. Instead of taking the highway and following the signboard, we drove on whatever route was provided by the GPS. We just selected our destination and have the GPS calculate the shortest route for us. Here we made a stop in the middle of nowhere with the road condition being much better than the highway! The only thing I can tell you about this picture is that this is taken not too far from a sugar cane plantation. Where exactly? I don't even know if this is in the Kedah or Perlis state - we were so awed by the scenery I totally forgotten to write down the GPS coordinates. (^_^)

Anyway, we arrived around 9.00am at the remote northern village of Wang Kelian which boarders with Wang Prachan, in the Satun Province of south Thailand. The picture below is "NO MAN'S LAND" The signboard says "PERLIS" and in the background is the Malaysian Customs checkpoint. Behind me (not in picture) is the Thai Boarder.

The Malaysia-Thailand border regulations states that if we travel within 1 kilometer from the boarder for less than 24 hours, we do not need to use our passports. The national identity card is suffice. So we "checked out" of the country using our MyCard and "checked in" some 10 minutes later. The reason? Well firstly, it was a Muslim public holiday. Secondly, we totally forgotten that the southern Thailand is a Muslim majority area. Therefore, the market was closed on BOTH sides! We totally had a good laugh at ourselves for not doing our homework properly. But I must add that it was relaxing going to a border market with tall limestone hills surrounding the area with virgin jungle (to what I know, the Malaysian side is classified as forest reserve therefore there is zero development)

I took the picture above from the landscape garden on the Malaysian side. Alas, this was the only beauty out of the entire unkept garden which has already seemed to blend into the jungles.

After our 10 minute cross-boarder walk, we got into the car and drove south for about 8km to Gua Kelam. Unfortunately, it was closed to public and therefore no pictures were taken. I really wonder HOW serious is the government in promoting Malaysia as a tourist destination? Are the figures provided to news papers an imaginative figure to "wow" us? It's not the first time when I went to a particular tourist spot during a public holiday only to find it closed. If it keeps going on this way, I don't think I'm keen in touring the country anymore. I might as well save a little extra and enjoy myself overseas!

Anyway, since we were in the state, might as well have lunch at the state capital - Kangar before heading home. Like any towns in Malaysia, it's a vast difference between any town and country side. There were hardly any trees in town! Buildings were everywhere - new and old, but without trees it was like in a concrete oven! We quickly had our lunch and head back home, the temperatures were soaring high and it just makes me feel like I want to go home soonest possible. But I guess this is one of the reasons why I won't miss city life so much - living next to the jungle is very cooling...


  1. Wow! Breathtaking nature shots and an unique globe. It looks like you had a great time, despite the fact that every store was closed. I wish our government would also pay more attention to tourism. Living next to the jungle is my preference too. Have a wonderful week :)

  2. Thank you Rosidah. I too wish the same for our governments but the politicians seemed too busy with their own personal interest. Anyway, I've learned not to have any expectations when we are out on road trips. At least we won't be too disappointed when things don't turn out. (^_^)


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