Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Solstice Festival - 冬至 (Dōng zhì)

Glutinous rice balls in sugar water or 汤圆 (tang yuan) in Chinese is a desert must served during Winter Solstice Festival. The glutinous rice balls are usually dyed in various colors using either food dye (like the red colored rice ball) or natural flowers or fruits like green from pandan leaves, blue from bunga telang and the pinkish hue is from dragon fruit. In modern times however there are many other variations like making rice balls with peanut paste or red bean paste fillings.

Happy Winter Solstice! And to all mothers in Indonesia (especially my dear friend Rosidah) Happy Mother Day!


  1. Hmmm, this looks so yummy! Can you tell me more about the Winter Solstice festival? Thank you so much for the wishes. I just realized that we were the only ones celebrating Mother Day on December 22th here in Indonesia ;). Have a wonderful day, my dear :)

  2. Happy Holidays to you too!

    Winter Solstice festival is celebrated to mark the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere. It is a family-type event with reunion dinner like Chinese New Year's Eve but on a small scale. So there is no carnivals or lavish events to mark the occasion. Everyone leaves early from work (usually before sunsets) to be with their family - it's still commonly practiced in rural places like Nibong Tebal.

  3. TY for the information! It sounds like a wonderful family time.


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