Friday, January 29, 2010

Pre-Wedding Album in Scrap Book Style

When I was creating some of the pages in our photo book, I had an idea to create a scrap book style album. I learned about scrap booking when my dad was posted to Taiwan in the 1990s and I was there studying in an American school.

Even though my hubby liked the idea of a scrap book style wedding album but somehow he couldn’t agree on an album with scrap book design. I mean he didn’t mind me creating them and post in online for the world to see,it's just that he doesn’t want to look at it everyday – a more professional looking album would be more suitable he says. 

Anyway, long story short – I created two albums. One will be printed and shared with friends and families while my second album – this scrap book style album will be here on my blog and shared with the rest of the world - Enjoy

My Scrap Book

Free scrap book resources listed in alphabetical order: -

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

Image source:

The classic saying of "A Picture worth a thousand words". A good picture would instinctively inspire one to think of a thousand praises to the photographer who captured the picture. Take the one above as an example taken by Uzbek photographer Umida Akhmedova. It is one of her many pictures taken in her home country Uzbekistan. However, her works landed her in hot pot soup when local authorities feel that such image gives the country a bad image. Some of the pictures shown on BBC website does indeed make me think twice because it does carry a double meaning.

But what about the picture above? An image of innocence interpreted as poor? Some of us try very hard to see the good in everything while others can only see black. Well, as they say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

Original photo article from Negative Pictures of Uzbekistan by BBC News

Monday, January 25, 2010

Just Sharing...

When I’m out of blogging ideas, I really love to copy York Mei (a.k.a Hayley) and add a little “me” in it. Anyway, from Hayley’s post of head to toe beauty regime, I bring you mine.

The hair

I use 2 kinds of shampoo – anti dandruff and normal shampoo and use them on alternating occasions. The pink tube is a conditioner. I’m not into any specific conditioner as long as it works, I’m fine with it. The skinny transparent bottle on the right is hair serum. It’s the most expensive product of the lot – MYR90 a bottle. However the good thing is I only need to use very little of it. This bottle is my first bottle bought in December 2008.

The Face

I use double cleanser method so first round is Ginvera Marvel Gel on a dry face. If I have makeup on, I’ll be using a milk cleanser first. Now don’t ask me the price for this fat bottle of milk – I snagged it from my mom. Round two is facial foam – I’m currently using Biotherm but occasionally when I’m plain lazy I’ll just use the shower gel! The toner and moisturizer are also from Biotherm – it comes in a package with the cleanser.

The Makeups

Unlike Hayley – this is all I have. Liquid foundation and loose poweder from Shisheido. My mascaras are from Maybeline – the blue tube is the normal black mascara and the fat black bulb tube is waterproof mascara in brown. And finally lip sticks, lip gloss and lip balm also from Shesheido. Now I’m not exactly a fan of Shesheido despite having so many of their products. It’s just that my mom is one and I’m just helping her collecting points. I only have that small pallet of tri color eye shadow sample from Revlon because I rarely use eye shadows.

The pair of falsies in the pink container was bought at MR DIY for only MYR1.50 per pair. However when I went back there in December 2009, they already ran out of stock. So bought this big pack from Magic Boo for MYR39.00 – by the way, it looks like real lashes.

The body

I only use one thing - body lotion. The only reason why I use a body lotion is not just to maintain a soft and smooth skin but to actually ward off mosquitoes. Slab on a thick layer of lotion all over my hands and legs and the mosquito will stay away! In case you forgotten, I live in a jungle with plenty of mosquitoes and I don’t fancy those repellents.

Smell me

I own only one bottle – Burberry Brit Perfume.

Applicators and accessories

Well isn’t this obvious? Because I hardly put on makeup everything is still… almost new. The foundation puff is only MYR0.70 also from MR DIY. The brushes are a free gift when I bought evening primrose oil from Efamol®. If I have the time, I’ll be plucking my brows. Otherwise, I’ll just the brow shaver.

So there you have, my entire collection of beauty products. Very little if you compare to a beauty mogul.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Year - New Layout

I guess it's becoming a tradition for me to change my blog layout every year. It's true that over time, I tend to get bored with the layouts and like to change for something new. So any comments or ideas on my new layout is welcomed!

Thank you!

Update: I find the previous layout a little "too much stuffs". So I removed some of the "mess".

Monday, January 18, 2010

When all the smart people have left the country

Here's a fact on what's happening in Malaysia - those who can afford to seek greener pastures outside the country, they will leave soonest possible. Everyone knows that developed countries are in great need of great minds, so those who think they can make the cut, will definitely try their luck. I don't blame these people for choosing a greener grass. After all at the end of the day, it all boils down to personal survival. If you know your skills and talent will earn you AT LEAST MYR3,500 a month overseas while locally you'll only be paid MYR1,200 MAX - why not go for the bigger pay, right? However, those that are left behind to graze the dull brown grass is what I'm worried about.

Below is a scene my hubby took from a playground in a rest stop along the highway. The "engineer" who designed the playground has some kind of worrying knowledge in the most basic things - the alphabets. Firstly, A and B is missing from the playground. Secondly, the sequence of alphabets is wrong - how can E be after C and before D?!

From left I analyzed. C block had a picture of Crab. E was a picture of an Elephant. The creature for D looked like a mosquito. But after a little extra thinking, I realized it was either a dragon fly or damselfly! H was really hilarious. I can't make a thought of what kind of horned four-legged animal would fit the bill for the letter H. By the looks of it, any adult would automatically think of a rhinoceros... but rhino starts with R not H. My hubby asked if it could mean hippo - but mind you, that image is very far from describing a hippo! 

If such idiot can create a playground, I think I am well over qualified to be prime minister!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

When Busy is good

It's the weekends and I'm still busy with many things especially my pre-wedding photo book. I've submitted my photo book draft to the studio for a first round of feedback. It was not completed as I have 6 more blank pages to fill... I know that 6 pages is not a lot. But when the inspiration is all dried up, I can't even think for ONE page! Anyway, they were impressed - something they have not seen before.I had mixes of good and bad feed back. The bad part mostly points out to my weak photoshop skills and bad sense of 3D effect in order to make the primary picture stands out from the background picture.

We were at the studio for almost 3 hours. But more than half the time was spent on small talk and sharing ideas. Below is one montage I've created with the pictures from our photo shoot. But not every single picture is there though... Anyway, I'm back at the drawing board with more inspirations. And this only means I will not be able to update my blog until sometime next week.

Happy Weekend everybody!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Year, Another Birthday

Yes, I share the same birthday with Michael Schumacher. Anyway, this year we celebrated at TGI Friday. Last year was McD. I had steak for dinner while hubby choose with fish and chips.

And after dinner I was in for a surprise. A HUGE complimentary slice of chocolate cake on the house! I think it's American chocolate. Oh well, I'll sign off early for this post and go MIA again for the whole week...

Happy New Year everybody!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I was blog hopping when I came across someone writing about promises. It was something about a little boy yelling at his mother in a public area "BUT YOU PROMISED!" The writer poked fun on how she nearly burst out laughing when he reminded the writer about all those promises made to her but never fulfilled. Her writings made me think back for no apparent seasons too.

When I was thinking of those unfulfilled promises, if was like chasing nothing. Things like if I do this, I get that. And after all this is done, I get something big...I mean REAL BIG, BIG. But when the time comes for the one who promises to fulfill those promises, excuses were made or new "Terms and Conditions" were set. Each time I fulfill them, they change again and again. And the changes made was never ending. It just doesn't stop, until at one point I got tired or was so busy I forgotten all about the promised prize. It's quite funny that they kept preaching that TRUST IS EARNED AND NEVER GIVEN, yet I'm expected to trust people who break promises and tell lies?

For a few years I was like a race hound chasing after that mechanical rabbit, thinking it was for real. I mean it looked very real to me! Honestly, before anyone of my age even seen the race track, I was already racing the big guns. They thought (or at least I thought) I was prodigy. I mean, YEAH, I had an advantage because I entered the race tracks before everyone else; extra lessons and training only meant I have a bigger head to start with. So when the race began for my peers, I couldn't race them because I belonged with the veterans. Some envied, some were proud, others came and ask for advice. When those advise seekers got what they wanted, they ignore me all together. But that's another story for another time.

Then all of a sudden, an angel came into my life and showed me what a real rabbit looks like. And what is it like chasing a rabbit for REAL. The excitement when you have the rabbit in your hands. It was soft... furry... cute... equally dumb, or maybe dumber. But it was definitely a million times better than that mechanical rabbit I've been chasing all those years. My angel gave me an inspiration, an idea. Why race when you can build your own tracks? Have others race for you. When my racers win, I get paid. And with that money, I have have as many rabbits I want. The rabbits will come to me instead! "Great idea", I said. So I bought that idea to the race masters. BUT... It didn't go down well at all. They hit the roof! What they wanted over ruled what I needed. Instead of being appreciated, got grounded.

My race masters kept saying that my angel isn't a real angel. He was a devil in Armani suits. But at that point I was so confused I couldn't tell what was real and what was fake. I knew I had to take a break and get my head straight. So I went to my race masters asked about my promised reward. They said "you win this next race and the reward is yours". But this time I was adamant. It was after all, long over due. But they needed time to prepare the reward, so they asked me to win this last one race while they work on my reward. Reluctantly, I agreed.

The last race was rather different. I wasn't on home ground. I had to race on someone's turf. I didn't win, nor did I loose. It's funny that on this turf, second and third places gets a prize too! I was told that this was a new ruling to entice the young guns to race. Anyway, when I got back my promise was delayed yet again. I couldn't remember what was their last excuse nor the last condition they set. I was furious. So I sought out my devil's angel to get me out of there I was tired of being a hound, "chihuahuas sounds like they have a better life", I said. I think you know what happens next right? No need to tell.

Fast forward many years later. My former race masters came to me and asked if I wanted to open a race track. They'll supply the hounds plus fulfill the promise they once made.

I may forgive but never forget,
The promises made but never kept.
Conditions set, but changes like sand,
At the castle alone, shall you defend.