Monday, January 25, 2010

Just Sharing...

When I’m out of blogging ideas, I really love to copy York Mei (a.k.a Hayley) and add a little “me” in it. Anyway, from Hayley’s post of head to toe beauty regime, I bring you mine.

The hair

I use 2 kinds of shampoo – anti dandruff and normal shampoo and use them on alternating occasions. The pink tube is a conditioner. I’m not into any specific conditioner as long as it works, I’m fine with it. The skinny transparent bottle on the right is hair serum. It’s the most expensive product of the lot – MYR90 a bottle. However the good thing is I only need to use very little of it. This bottle is my first bottle bought in December 2008.

The Face

I use double cleanser method so first round is Ginvera Marvel Gel on a dry face. If I have makeup on, I’ll be using a milk cleanser first. Now don’t ask me the price for this fat bottle of milk – I snagged it from my mom. Round two is facial foam – I’m currently using Biotherm but occasionally when I’m plain lazy I’ll just use the shower gel! The toner and moisturizer are also from Biotherm – it comes in a package with the cleanser.

The Makeups

Unlike Hayley – this is all I have. Liquid foundation and loose poweder from Shisheido. My mascaras are from Maybeline – the blue tube is the normal black mascara and the fat black bulb tube is waterproof mascara in brown. And finally lip sticks, lip gloss and lip balm also from Shesheido. Now I’m not exactly a fan of Shesheido despite having so many of their products. It’s just that my mom is one and I’m just helping her collecting points. I only have that small pallet of tri color eye shadow sample from Revlon because I rarely use eye shadows.

The pair of falsies in the pink container was bought at MR DIY for only MYR1.50 per pair. However when I went back there in December 2009, they already ran out of stock. So bought this big pack from Magic Boo for MYR39.00 – by the way, it looks like real lashes.

The body

I only use one thing - body lotion. The only reason why I use a body lotion is not just to maintain a soft and smooth skin but to actually ward off mosquitoes. Slab on a thick layer of lotion all over my hands and legs and the mosquito will stay away! In case you forgotten, I live in a jungle with plenty of mosquitoes and I don’t fancy those repellents.

Smell me

I own only one bottle – Burberry Brit Perfume.

Applicators and accessories

Well isn’t this obvious? Because I hardly put on makeup everything is still… almost new. The foundation puff is only MYR0.70 also from MR DIY. The brushes are a free gift when I bought evening primrose oil from Efamol®. If I have the time, I’ll be plucking my brows. Otherwise, I’ll just the brow shaver.

So there you have, my entire collection of beauty products. Very little if you compare to a beauty mogul.


  1. Nice one! i love reading post like this ;)
    how do find Biotherm products? i'm eager to try this brand but am unsure if it suits me :S

  2. Well I've got very oily T zone and this is the only range suitable for me. The promoter gave me a scrub sample once and I end up having pimples so I stick to this gel cleanser which works for me. (^_^)

  3. We have the same choice for hair and body. I also have very little beauty products at home ^_^.


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