Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Year - New Layout

I guess it's becoming a tradition for me to change my blog layout every year. It's true that over time, I tend to get bored with the layouts and like to change for something new. So any comments or ideas on my new layout is welcomed!

Thank you!

Update: I find the previous layout a little "too much stuffs". So I removed some of the "mess".


  1. Hmm, not bad. i'm working on my new header photo also.. ;)

  2. Thank you Hayley!

    Looking forward to see yours too (^_^)

  3. lol, at first i mistaken the slippers as McDonalds logo

  4. Hey Bro! (^_^)

    You are the second person to ever commented on the "McD slippers" I actually used that picture in my photo album and the photographer at the bridal studio was the first to say "Eh... Why the slipper looks like McDonalds ar?"

    Do you think I should change that pic or leave it there?

  5. I love your new layout. It gives your blog a very personal touch. I wish I could design my own blog layout. May be you could write some tips to give some directions on this? I believe it is much more fun to create your own design and gives away an unique look.

    The slippers do resemble McD's logo at first sight, but they are cute ^_^. Have a blessed week, my dear.

  6. Rosidah my dear!

    It's good to see you online again. I used photoshop to create my designs. While the items are all taken from various scrap book bloggers. I am in the mids of writing a tutorial on how to design your own blog. I will publish it soon.

    Until then, take care my friend!

  7. TY, my dear ^_^d! I learn so many things on your blog. It feels good to be able to go online again from time to time. Have a blessed week.


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